Monday, March 9, 2015

Goldendale Farmers Market....Not Too Far Away!

Eeek! In exactly 2 months, the Goldendale Farmers Market starts back up! That's right, Goldendale Country Bumpkins is gearing up for our second season! 

There is still so much to do! 2 months might seem far off, but in our world of crafting, it's right around the corner! Sam is so busy with work, and we both are so busy with the kids and our own endless house to-do list, it gets tough to squeeze in our Goldendale Country Bumpkins to-do list. We're chugging right along though. Slow and steady. Doing a little bit here and there. Sometimes sacrificing our "want to do's" for "have to do's." 

We had such an awesome first season last year. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing of an experience it was for us. It was a huge life event for me, completely out of my meek and self-doubting comfort zone. But I did it, and I loved it! WE loved it! The time put into working and crafting, the set up and take down of our display, the other smiling vendors and camaraderie, the flow of friendly people, the custom orders.....so amazing. 

To say we are excited, is an understatement! 

And of course, our hearts are so thankful for YOU. Without you, we couldn't do this. Without you, we wouldn't have had such a successful first market season. Without you, we wouldn't be looking forward to our second season. You help support our family and our passion. And we just LOVE the appreciation photos you send our way! :) 


With love,
Mama Hauck, AKA, Goldendale Country Bumpkins! :) 


  1. What a welcoming blog to your fellow crafters and supportive buyers an awesome thank you!! Beautiful work Hauck family!

  2. You have made such awesome things! I know I've said it before, but I can't wait until we have more space so I can order a sign for our home :) You're so creative and crafty! I'm glad you are putting it to good use. <3


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