Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dollar Shave Club Review

It's been about 6 weeks now since I decided to ditch the fancy, expensive razors from the store and sign up to be a part of the The Dollar Shave Club. I really couldn't justify spending $17 for 4 razor heads every month. I've experimented with middle of the road razors, which did ok I suppose, but it's still more than I wanted to spend. And cheap razors? No. They scare me. 

Just as a note, I am a terrible shaver. I'll admit it. What's wrong with me? I refuse to buy shaving cream because its gone within a few shaves. But maybe I'm using too much? Then again, if I'm using too much, shouldn't it work? I cut myself and get horrible razor burn even with shaving cream....no matter how little or how much I use. Bad technique I suppose. And it's expensive. So it's a lose-lose in my book. I usually use soap, which works just as well....or as bad...as shaving cream. Because I use soap (and just suck at shaving for some reason), I go slow....to avoid cuts and razor burn. And because I go slow to avoid cuts and razor burn, it's time consuming. And because it's time consuming, I don't want to do it. And because I don't want to do it.....I don't. Well, I don't often. My legs, anyway. Don't worry...I shave my armpits daily. But they suffer because of it. 

Anyway, in my quest to save money and try something new, I took the plunge and hooked up with The Dollar Shave Club. I chose "The 4X", for $6 + free shipping. This is their middle of the road razor. There's one at $1 (with $2 shipping) and one at $9 (with free shipping). To check out the blades yourself, go to The Blades Page. The 4X comes with the razor body and 4 blades. I also got a free sample of shave butter, which I haven't used yet, and everything came packaged very nicely with a funny member handbook I enjoyed reading...and so did Sam!

I love this razor. It works, and it works well. Now, I'm wondering if it works so well because I changed up my soap at the same time? I started using soap from Sappo Hill, specifically the oatmeal soap, and I love it. I get it at Fred Meyer in their healthy organics section, but can also get it from my local health food store, The Grist Mill, right here in town. Sam loves this brand of soap too. For whatever reason, the combination of this razor and that soap is just wonderful. We are friends for life. I don't think I shave painfully slow anymore, and I haven't gotten any cuts or razor burn (on my legs OR armpits!). This razor works wonderfully and it's cheap. 4 razor heads for $6 a month....yes! By the time I received my second month's shipment of razor heads, I had only used 3 from my first shipment, so I still had 1 left. I might have a little stockpile of razor heads going on soon. No complaints there!

Also, at the very end of my leg shaving experience, once out of the shower, I put on my home made lotion that's in bar form. Winning combination I tell you. 

If you're wanting to break the cycle of spendy razors, I would suggest checking out The Dollar Shave Club. If in the end you are unsatisfied, you can always cancel your subscription and you're only out $3-$9, depending on which razor you choose. And if you DO decided to go for it and sign up, click my referral link and I'll get $5....http://shaved.by/cH5bj

....Now if only I got paid to try goods and write reviews. I'd be saving money AND making money. ;) 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. I've been using Dollar Shave Club for a little over a year, and I love it. Not long after I started receiving my razors, I started chemo, and a lot of my hair fell out. but the razors were just as good for shaving my head as they were for shaving my face. And you should try out the shave butter.

  2. Thank you for adding in your two cents! I appreciative it! I'm glad they work so well for you on face and head! Alright, I shall put my dislike of shave creams aside and try the shave butter! :) Thank you again for your input!

  3. Disposable razors are like pantyhose or stockings, they barely last and you have to keep buying them. Super expensive! (Don't worry, I know about the pantyhose through what Sandy has experienced, not me!)

    Hmm, I wonder if we have The Dollar Shave Club up here?


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