Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Birthday, Lover

Yesterday was Sammy's birthday. And I ruined it. 

I had a gathering planned. Friends....food....good times....yay! But all was spoiled by me. 

You see, from the very second I woke up yesterday morning, I knew the day was shot. I had a killer migraine and in bed is where I stayed ALL day with my miserable self puking. :( It was truly one of the worst days ever...only being out-shined by all the other days I've ever been layed up in bed puking with a migraine. 

I even heard Molly from the living room ask her Papa if we had to cancel his birthday and then note how sad that was because you wait all year for your birthday to come around and now it's canceled and he has to wait a whole year more.  *sigh*

Sorry, Sammy. 

But now that it's a new day (and even a new year!), I'm feeling much better....other than some residual weakness and dizziness. So now I can say it....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAPA! Sorry your birthday got canceled. ;) Hopefully we can make it up to you today! 

You are the best Papa and husband we could ever ask for. We love you!

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. From Papa. Nothing was ruined. The best birthday I can have is spending the day with my family!!

    That and emptying you puke bucket. :)

    Today full of sledding and good friends definitely made up for it!

    I love you all!!

    Love Sammy

  2. What a wonderful post from both!! So glad to hear that you had a wonderful day after your birthday Sam! Loved the calender Becca Lynn..Chris waited till I got home to open the pkg. Love to you all!


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