Friday, January 9, 2015

10 Things I Love About You


I love how you love to help Papa build stuff in the shop....like the photo frame you built me that I absolutely adore.

I love your love for Bigfoot. Please never stop believing.

I love how you are the best storyteller....even if you tell me they aren't "stories"....they're the truth. 

I love how you are a friend to everyone. It doesn't matter age, gender, looks, personality....your love and friendship knows no bounds. You have a kind heart. 

I love your laugh. Your real laugh.

I love that you still like to, at 7 1/2 years old, sneak into our bedroom in the morning on the weekends to get in some snuggle time.

I love your caring nature. Like the time you told me you got on the bus in the morning and when someone asked where Molly was, you panicked for a minute because you didn't see her....but then remembered she was at home that morning because she was sick.

I love how you are a deep feeler. A deep thinker. An old soul. 

I love how you sing "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show and "Swept Away" by The Avett Brothers, our favorite songs we sing while driving in the car. 

I love how creative and imaginative you are. 


I love how you love to sing the songs from Frozen. All of them. All the time. And you love to dress up in your Elsa dress. 

I love how when you are arguing with me about something and you finally realize you are wrong, you get this tongue-in-cheek smile on your face and just quietly turn around and slink away.

I love the way your hair falls in your face and you look like the most beautiful wild child.

I love the way you insist on getting dressed for school in the morning in my bathroom while standing in front of the air forced heater. Like mother like daughter.

I love how you are so eager to make your bed in the morning so you can get a punch on your chore card.

I love how you say, "Oh! That's my favorite song!" to pretty much every song that comes on the radio.

I love when I paint your finger and toe nails. ..Even though the polish lasts for a maximum of one day on you.

I love your stubborn nature. I say I don't, but I secretly do. I see it serving you well in the future.

I love how you love school and are more than happy to sit down and read to us and do your homework.

I love your hard working, country girl attitude. Always willing to help out and not worried about getting a little dirty. A beautiful, rough and tumble, little country gal. 


I love that coy.....or is it deviant?....sideways look you give when you're in a silly mood and we ask what you are doing. 

I love the way you say tissue...."shoosh." And the way you say cat...."Nom."  And the way you say "Da-night, Mama" and give me a hug and kiss before bed every night.

I love how cute you look in your big boy undies.

I love your love of books. Most specifically, "Good Night, Vermont" and "Little Blue Truck"

I love how you are a lover of the outdoors. You are outside every chance you get and put up a fight when you have to come inside. 

I love how you get deliriously silly when you are extremely tired.

I love how you like to help empty the dishwasher....by taking all the silverware and just throwing them any which way in the silverware drawer.

I love your always cold feet. Because you hate socks. Just like me.

I love how independent you are. Even when your independence drives me crazy because you just have to do it your way...I love it still. Its your way or the highway. 

I love it when we're in the car pulling out of the driveway to go somewhere and you say, "Bye home. Bye Horsie, Nom. Bye home!" And when we're pulling back into the driveway after being gone you say, "We're home!" And when I've been gone away somewhere and come home you say, "Mama home!" And when Papa's been gone away somewhere and comes home you say, "Papa's Home! Every single time. 

There are a million things I love about you.....

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Absolutely beautiful...I really needed to read this..What I mean is, I miss you all and this made me feel closer. Love you,


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