Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hauck Family Photos

I took my Autumn family photos a little bit ago. I even got my Christmas cards all done up and ordered. :) Good thing too....I'll be gone 3 out of 4 weeks in November, so I sure as heck wouldn't have had the time to do it next month! Especially with two other photo shoots I have planned the one week that I am home. 

I always love when we do our family photos.....but, I bet you'd be surprised to know it is 100 times harder to do my own family photos and photograph my own children than it is to do other people's photos! LOL I think my children are growing sick of photos. At any given time one child is crying, another is flat out refusing to smile, and the third...well, usually the third is behaving. :) We always get the job done though, it just might take awhile. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hauck Halloween Party

We had our annual Hauck Halloween party this past Sunday. It was a blast! Here's what the table spread looked like:

Monster Munch....popcorn and candy corn with melted vanilla bark and Halloween sprinkles.

Witches Brooms....Reeces cups and pretzel sticks.

Pumpkin Barf....Pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, whipped cream.

Intestine Bites....Kielbasa with secret sauce

Lava Casserole....Buffalo chicken casserole.

Zombie Brains.....Home made stove top mac and cheese.

Monster Toes.....Little Smokies cut to look like toes.

Gooey Sludge....Whipped cream, philly cheese, caramel sauce, white chocolate chips.

Witches Brew drink station.....Cherry Kool-aid, 7up.

For the kids' special treat, I made a DIY goody bag station! It was definitely a hit and I laughed at hearing the little giggles and "Yucks!" 

Cow tails, rat poop, monster scabs....

Crow bones, witches warts, goblins teeth....

Ghost poop, spider legs, worms....

Pencils, erasers, rings, noise makers, lollipops...

The place was decked out with pumpkins, cobwebs, spiders, bugs, and blood splatter. Ohhhhhh, spooky!! ;) 

Guests started showing up at noon and we jumped right into eating! The food went over real well, everyone loved the names we thought up. I think the Zombie Brains was the crowd pleaser. I really enjoyed chatting with everyone and watching everyone have a good time, just really layed back and relaxed. 

After eating, we headed to the shop for a little game! The boys were "too cool" to play, lol, but the gals had a good time trying to be the first to get the doughnut off the string. No hands!  

I'm thankful the weather held out. It was a bit cold and windy, but at least it didn't rain! The kids really had a good time running around outside and playing in the tree fort. It was nice seeing all the kids play together so well. They were all so cute in their costumes! 

We also carved pumpkins! Sam had the stove going in the shop, so we were all nice and toasty warm while we carved our pumpkins. The adults were in to it just as much, if not more than, the kids were! We sure did carve some pretty awesome pumpkins! When we were all done carving, we put candles in them and then turned off the lights for a photo....except we forgot that we had sky lights in the shop, lol! So Sam and our friend Adam climbed on the shop roof and layed down on some sleeping bags just so it would be dark enough to get a photo of the pumpkins all lit up. Thanks boys! 

Thank you to everyone who came and made our party such a fun success! We love you all and appreciate you all being in our lives. We hope you had a blast!! 

Happy Halloween!! 

With love,
Mama Hauck