Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas at the Johnson's

Every year we meet up with our good friend's The Johnson's and have our own Christmas celebration with them! This year we decided to surprise them by showing up in ugly sweaters and gifting them ugly sweaters I purchased on Ebay. Good thing too, because they decided they were going to throw their own Ugly Sweater Party later on, so buying all these ugly sweaters was the most wonderful idea! So fun!! 

The kids were in and out of their sweaters all evening. Too hot, too scratchy, etc etc. Molly even got upset once because she said her's was big and ugly. HAHA! I told her that was the point! Timothy's has bells on it so when he runs around, you hear him jingling, lol. I love it! 

Tracie always makes the best food. We ate a delicious meal of ham and cheese wraps, cheese and sausage won-tons, chex-mix, pineapple chicken noodle salad, chips and dip, and cookies! Oh my gosh, I ate myself silly!  

After stuffing our faces, it was time to exchange gifts! We all got some goodies! Thanks, guys!!!  The kids each got a gift certificate to Burgerville, as well as some sweet toys. Sam got a book, Grandma Cathy got a couple bottles of booze, and I got a scarf as well as some other self pampering gifts. Sweet! We got the Johnson's their sweaters as well as a gift basket full of goodies I picked up while in NY and VT. 

The rest of the evening we sat back, relaxed, downed some drinks, watched a Christmas movie, chatted, and played. I'm so thankful to have such sweet friends in our lives! We love you guys! 

Busy, busy weekend! One Christmas gathering down, two more to go! Tonight Sam and I have his work party to go to and on Sunday we head back to the Johnson's for their official Ugly Sweater party. How lucky we are to get to wear our Ugly sweaters twice this year! LOL. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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