Thursday, November 20, 2014

End of Soccer, Beginning of Wrestling

Anthony's last soccer game was a month ago, on October 18th. Wow, how has it been a month since the end of soccer already!? We had another wonderful soccer season and I really, REALLY enjoyed watching him play and grow in skill. The verdict is still out on whether he will want to play next year, as I have heard through the grape vine that other boys will be doing football instead. Anthony has showed interest in football as well. So I guess we will see. He keeps asking me what I want him to play...but I tell him it's not about me. What do you want to play? I think he doesn't know yet. And that's just fine. We have a whole year to figure it out.

In the mean time, wrestling has started! We love wrestling!

This is Anthony's 3rd year wrestling and we have really seen some growth in him! I'm hoping we can get him to a few wrestling tournaments this year. It's so awesome watching him have a good time and grow in skill. He makes me so proud. 

Molly has shown interest in participating this year as well....but she is a hard nut to crack. She'll seem all about it one minute, and then refuse to get out there on the mat the next minute. She's gotten out there a few times for the wrestling part, but doesn't want to do the warming up/stretching/running. I've told her she can't pick and choose what she wants to do. If she wants to participate, she does it all. I think it's going to take a few weeks for her to really warm up, but I'm hoping she'll come around. She does really well when she does work up the courage to get out on the mat! And my new neighbor's children are there as well, including her sweet daughter Montana. So Molly gets to wrestle with her. Watching them learning to wrestle makes me laugh, it's so fun! The big smiles on their faces is awesome. 

As for Timothy....he's still a wee too little to wrestle.....but that doesn't keep him from wanting to join in on the fun! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. I think Timothy is going to be your go getter trying to keep up with his big brother and sister. Molly is a rough and tumble kind of gal...given time I think she will join right in like you said and it does help a lot that she has a friend out there. It looks like Anthony has gotten much more comfortable out there himself. Can't wait till SATURDAY!! See you soon.


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