Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dad and Sister's Visit

Tomorrow morning I fly out with my dad to NY. I will be gone for just under 2 weeks. He is returning home after his visit with us and I am going because I am to be in my childhood friend's wedding in which is taking place in Philly. While I'm in NY, I'll have a chance to visit with my brother and sister in law, my sister, and hopefully some others. But it's always so hard squeezing in all my visiting, so I haven't been able to make anyone any promises. A good chunk of my time will be spent with my friend as I will be leaving NY and going to Philly for a while to do all the fun wedding shenanigans. 

I will for sure be missing my family....Sam and the kids have to stay behind. Sam couldn't take off work, and I couldn't have the kids miss that much school. I'm bummed they can't join me, but I'm trying to look at it as a mini vacation from all my Mama responsibilities.  I only have to worry about feeding myself. No changing pull ups. No getting kids ready for school. And maybe, just maybe, I'll even sleep in a day or two. I also get to have a little fun. I get to have my hair, nails, and makeup done for the wedding. I get to get all dressed up. And I'll probably spend a bit of money too. Just a little. 

This past week, while I've been busy packing and getting all my to-do's done before I leave, we've also been able to enjoy a visit from my dad and sister! Usually my dad flys in from NY in June for a visit, but this year he wanted to be part of our Halloween party. And my sister hasn't been out to us for a long while, so with my dad being here, it was just good timing for her to come up from CA for a few days.  

Their visit was short, but sweet. Grandpa helped us with a gravel sitting area we are making by our garden. That took a lot of digging, rock removal, and railroad tie placement.....even in the rain! Hopefully while I'm gone, we'll get some gravel delivered. :) The kids even got busy helping too! 

Trunk or treat was fun! We got lucky and finished up just as the rain started. The kids sure got a lot of candy. I've been good....only stealing a piece or two every day. haha

And then there was our Halloween party! Fun fun! The party was a hit....everyone loved the food, chatting and visiting, and carving their pumpkins. 

Sarah only had a few days with us, having to leave on Thursday, but it was fun having her here. Timothy really loved Aunt Sarah reading to him, and it was nice for me to have a break from scooping the horse poop. ;) On Monday my dad and I took her to get her first tattoo. I think it turned out really well. 

On Halloween, we didn't go out trick-or-treating. Instead, we headed over to our friend's house for some cookies, popcorn, apple cider, and Halloween kiddo movies. Thanks for the hospitality, Johnson's! 

Other fun things:

We made our own pork sausage with our new meat grinder..... 

We played horseshoes....

We had a super awesome bon-fire after we spent a great deal of time cleaning up the yard and shop and getting the place ready for winter. 

 And the boys shot arrows and guns at some pumpkins, that was fun. :) 

Well, I better finish packing. NY bound in the am! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Loved all the pictures becca lynn. Looks like your dad had fun keeping busy with the grandbabies helping!! Lots of good times had. Love to you all.


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