Monday, October 13, 2014

Uncle Tommy's Visit

Last week was a super fun week! Sam's childhood friend, Tommy, came out from MN for a visit. It was such a wonderful surprise! We only knew he was coming a week before he got here. 

Our Timothy Thomas Hauck got his middle name "Thomas" from Tommy. So Tommy is a special person to us.

There was lots of swing pushing and bow and arrow shooting, tree fort playing and book reading. Yes, there was A LOT of book reading. The same book. Over and over and over again to little Timothy, LOL. Uncle Tommy helped with some projects, enjoyed some down time, and even got to go to one of Anthony's soccer games. 

Sam was able to take a day off from work during Tommy's visit, so we took him on a nice scenic drive, stopping to get lunch at a small general store and also to fix the falling muffler on the car. That was fun! Haha 

On another day, we took a scenic drive and headed out to visit Sam at work, eat lunch, and show Tommy the turbines. He had never seen wind turbines up close, so it was fun to give him a little tour of the area and meet the guys Sam work with. 

On Tommy's last day with us, we made sure to get some nice photos. Then he treated us out to dinner and capped the evening off with ice cream!  

Thanks for the visit, Uncle Tommy! We hope you enjoyed your time with us! We miss you already, especially the kiddos!

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. What a wonderful visit!! It's so nice that Tommy was able to do this!


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