Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Every year we load the kiddos up and take them to a pumpkin patch. It's my favorite time of year and the pumpkin patch is my favorite fall time activity!

Last year we took the kids to Schell's Corn Maze and Fun Land in Toppenish, WA. That was our second time going there. We had such a good time last year, we decided that's where we wanted to go again this year. I think we've found our special place....nowhere else has been as much fun. 

If you want to check them out, visit their main website: Schells Corn Maze and Fall Fun Land and be sure to look at their schedule: Schedule and Admission info. You can also find them on FB at Schell's on FB. If you are in the area, I highly recommend you go! I know they do a haunted corn maze on some evenings. Sam and I have yet to do that, but maybe one of these years after our family visit to Shell's, we'll return and do the haunted corn maze without kiddos! 

We invited our good friends, The Johnson's, to go with us this year. After meeting up with them, we headed on out! Our first stop was in Yakima. We went to Miners Drive-In Restaurant for lunch. Then we stopped in at Spirit Halloween to check out Halloween costumes (Fun, fun!), and then went to Cabelas.

After our stops in Yakima, we headed to Schell's in Toppenish! Schell's has an area upfront where you can pick out your pumpkins from a pre-picked pile. We did that last year. But this year, we wanted the actual pumpkin patch experience. Sam went in and asked if we could go on down to the patch and one of the guys who works there said he'd clear his truck out and drive us down there himself! How awesome and how kind! 

So we all loaded up in his truck and went out to the patch! The kids had such a blast! We ran all over trying to pick out the perfect pumpkin. We got lots of great looking ones! Big ones, little ones, orange ones, white ones, even one that looks a little warty. The sun was shining and the pumpkin patch was beautiful. I was happy to get some great photos of all the fun. 

Schell's has an awesome kiddo play area. The kids just love the hay maze and hay tower with slides, it's their favorite part of going there! It's awesome they have something just for the little ones, it's why we like Schell's so much. Timothy is at the perfect height right now so all you see is his little head bobbing up and down along the rows of hay, haha! And I love it when the kids hit a dead end and have to figure out a different way to go. 

They have a little animal viewing area too! The goats were our favorite. 

While the kids' favorite part of Schell's is the hay maze and slides, MY favorite part is the awesome corn maze! Last year I think we were in it for about an hour and a half. The kids were actually starting to panic that we weren't ever, ever, ever, going to get out. EVER. ;) This year, however, we managed to make it through in I'd say 40-45 minutes. Before heading in, we talked strategy. Left turns only, we decided. And so that was our plan! And when a left turn took us to a dead end, we turned around and went left again. At one point, after making a series of lefts that got us no where, Molly said, "We are making a lot of bad decisions!" LOL!! Timothy really enjoyed himself. When he wasn't being carried by his Papa or myself to help speed things up, he was hiding in the corn, jumping out, and "scaring" his Papa. Ohhhhh good fun!! Anthony and Molly became experts at leaving a corn trail. And me....I just enjoyed being lost with my family and friends.  

After we made it out of the corn maze (hooray!), our friends hit the road. We were offered a hay ride before closing, and of course we happily said yes! The kids loved it and it was so nice to sit and relax after doing so much walking in the corn maze. It was the perfect ending to the perfect pumpkin patch experience! 

Fun, fun, fun! On the way home, out of nowhere, Molly says, "Mama, when do we get to gut the pumpkins!?" Hahaha 'gut' the pumpkins. That girl cracks me up. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Fun!! I'm on the hunt for a pumpkin patch right now, I liked the one we went to two years ago but it wasn't quite what I was hoping for so I'd like to find a different one this year. Love the pictures!!

  2. Looks like such a wonderful time!! So much fun had by all. Really miss those kiddos myself. Can't wait till Nov. Not sure that I can top what you all did. Someday we'd like to join you. Awesome, wonderful...pics!

  3. they are getting so grown up! I have to come visit again before they get any bigger :)


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