Thursday, October 9, 2014

Eat-In Movie Theater Fun

For a late, late, late, late (hahaha) birthday gift, my girlfriend took me to this awesome movie theater in Hood River, OR for dinner and a movie. 


We started out walking around the shops in down town Hood River. I'd never walked the shops before and it was nice to get in a little early Christmas shopping. Then we headed to the cinema where we ordered a huge salad with 5 toppings and a pizza with 5 toppings to split between us. YUM!! 

The theater room has large plush chairs with cup holders and a little arm table between the seats to make it easy to eat and drink while you watch your movie. We watched Gone Girl and I highly recommend you see that movie, it was really good.

It was such a fun outing! I'd never been to a movie theater like that before where you can order and eat a meal in such nice seating. Super fun! I wish I would have gotten a photo of us sitting in those theater chairs. 

If you're local and have never been, you should check it out. And I will definitely be going again.  

Thank you friend for taking me!! That was such a special treat! :) 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. I hope this isn't where you were when I called! So sorry to have interrupted!! Always tell me of course, when you can't talk. Sounds like a wonderful place and like you had a great time. No Christmas shopping here. Don't know when we are going to do that by now we are usually done for the kiddos and you guys...nothing...zilch...nada...such a bad mommy. So sorry, did get our reservations for KOA you need to bring any sleeping bags that you can OK? Hugs and Love!

  2. That's cool! I want to see that movie. I took Tim to a movie / dinner place for his bday last year. It's called the Movie Tavern around here. :)


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