Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY Bat Mobile

Want to make an awesome bat mobile? 

Crafting material: Black crafting paper (the heavier/sturdier the better!), fishing wire, a needle, tree branch(es)

Hardware: Drill, hammer, eyelet or hook screws, wall anchors

I went on the computer, typed in "bat clip art," clicked on one I liked, zoomed in to get it larger, then traced the outline of the bat (place a piece of paper over the computer screen and lightly trace). Cut the bat out, and there's your stencil! 

Next, I got out my black crafting paper and traced a whole bunch of bats using my stencil and then cut them out. I did a lot of bats so I could make two branches. For fun, I also made a bat cave. 

Using a needle, poke a nice, small hole in the head of all the bats. Cut your fishing line to various lengths. One by one, take a cut fishing line and poke through the hole on the bat head and tie. Tie carefully! You don't want your craft paper to rip! Tie the other end of your fishing line to your branch. Repeat this step until all your bats are strung up on your branch. I did 6 bats on each branch. Cut two more pieces of fishing line and tie to the top of your branch. You'll hang the whole mobile up from these.

Using a drill, drill a hole into the ceiling in the area you would like to hang your bat mobile. Hammer a wall anchor into the hole and then screw in your eyelet/hook screw. (You COULD just take your eyelet/hook screw and twist it into the ceiling, but we wanted to be sure if someone pulled on the branch, it wouldn't all fall down....so we used a drilled hole with wall anchors for that added sturdiness.) Tie one end of your bat mobile to the eyelet/hook screw. Repeat the drill, wall anchor, and eyelet/hook screw step to hang the other end of your bat mobile. 

If you have any left over bats, tape them to the wall. This gives your bat area that extra level of depth. 

Awesome and creepy!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. How nifty Becca Lynn, you have a "Bat Mobile" I didn't see the cave though unless it's the shadow by your door jam. Way to go! Love to all.


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