Friday, September 5, 2014

Soccer Season is Here!

Anthony had his first soccer practice last night. He has another one tonight as well. Then starting next week, practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is his third year with the same soccer coach and we are so stoked!

All the kiddos did so well at their first practice. Anthony was excited to have a blue jersey this year. His first game will be the 13th of this month, and we will have one every Saturday until October 18th. Soccer season is finally here! So fun! Yay Anthony! 

This year, Molly decided she didn't want to play soccer. While that decision makes me really sad, I had told her the decision was hers to make, so I will live with it. If she doesn't want to play this year, she doesn't have to. I'm not going to make her. If I did, she would be one of those unhappy children you see out in the field just standing there kicking grass while their parents yell at them to "do something, anything, just don't stand there doing nothing!" That's not how it should be. So while we will miss Molly playing this year, I feel good allowing her to start making some of her own choices when it comes to what she is interested in. She is such a strong willed and confident 5 year old; the opposite of what I was as a kid....and teen.....and adult. LOL. Go Molly. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. My kids have asked to play soccer buuuuut....they mix up the league between two towns so they play the games all over the place, it's incredibly disorganized and the most expensive out of all the team sports they offer here and it starts when it's still insanely hot. So we're sticking to tball for another year because Piper loves it so much (well, she'll be on softball this year but still). Calvin says he doesn't want to play next year and it kind of breaks my heart too, it will be Ethan's first year playing and I really was hoping to see the boys play on the same team. But Calvin tried it for two years so if he ultimately decides that he doesn't want to again then I won't force him either.
    Hope Anthony has a great season!

  2. Anthony looks right at home on that soccer field, I'm glad he's back at it!

    I like how you're handling Molly's decision Becca, maybe it's not my place to say but I feel it's the right choice. I think it reinforces her ability to make her own choices (unless they're detrimental to her). I wish more adults thought the way you do, honestly I think many parents force their kids to participate because it makes THEM happy, not their children. I'm sure Molly will find something else she enjoys to take the place of soccer.

  3. I never thought of you as not being confident. You seemed so sure of yourself. Always fought for what was right. Did well in school, had a small but close group of friends. I feel as if I didn't know my little girl sometimes. I wish I had paid closer attention to you Becca Lynn. I love you.

  4. Loribug, that sounds like a headache. I'm definitely not into traveling all the time for sports. Maybe when the kids are older....but for now, I'm thankful soccer is always right here in town. I wonder why it's the most expensive? Tball is the most expensive here. I totally agree about not forcing. He gave it two years and that's awesome!!

    Barry, thank you! Molly has shown an interest in dance again. She did the kinderclass for one year (which had ballet, tap and gymnastics in it), then took a year off. Now, if we can get our act together, she will be in a jazz/hip-hop class in October. If she likes it, that is! :)

    Mama, I was sure of who I was and I'm sure of who I am today, YES!! And I love and am confident about the person that I AM. But I never felt confident to express myself in groups of people....I don't like the attention on me. I always wished, and still do, that I could be more outgoing and sure of myself in front of others. It's just my personality, not a lack of attention. :) I love you too!!


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