Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Molly's First Day of Kindergarten!

Rise and shine, children!! It's Molly's first day of KINDERGARTEN!! 

There are now two backpacks and two sets of clothing on the school bench instead of just one. How exciting! All day yesterday Anthony, ever so sweetly, kept asking Molly if she was excited about school and letting her know that everything would be ok. It was so sweet to listen to. 

This morning, Anthony and Molly ate breakfast at a crowded table (sorry guys....it's my work station!) while I packed their lunches with a whole lot of love. 

After washing, and eating, and dressing, and brushing, we headed outside for Molly's back to school photos! Papa was able to head into work late, so he was home to do photos with us!

After photos, it was time to head to the bus stop! Molly could hardly contain her excitement! She was antsy and kept asking when the bus was going to come. And then, finally, there it was! Don flew open the window and exclaimed, "Good golly, Miss Molly! Is it your first day of Kindergarten!?" Haha

I couldn't resist following her onto the bus and snapping a photo of her sitting in the seat. I gave Don a hug and he told me he would take good care of the kiddos. :)

Little Molly....growing up....such a big girl now and off to big girl school!!  

Have a wonderful day, Molly Lynn! I know you will do amazing and I will be waiting for you right here when you get home! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. OMG her face on the bus made me tear up a little - she was so excited! Why are they growing up so fast? I hope she loves school and learning like her mommy :)


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