Thursday, September 4, 2014

Anthony's First Day of 2nd Grade

Our sweet little love is enjoying his first day of second grade today! 

6am is rise and shine in our home. I packed Anthony's lunch while he ate breakfast and read a note his Papa left for him. He was chipper and all smiles. I was thankful. 

He and I were like two well oiled machines. Wake up, potty, breakfast, pack lunch, brush teeth, get dressed, shoes, coat.....

We know the drill. :) 

Back to school photos is a tradition for our family on the first day of school! Unfortunately, Papa wasn't able to take the morning off, so he had to be absent. Still, Anthony was super excited and I got some really nice photos of our growing boy! 

At 6:50, it was time to head down to the bus stop for our 7-7:05 am pick up time. Our bus stop is 3 miles from our home, so we need to leave the house with enough time to make that drive. 

Our bus driver is just the sweetest. Don has been our bus driver for 3 years now and he's just so awesome. We know him personally from the Goldendale Farmers Market as well. The kids are lucky to have him. 

We jumped out of the car as we saw the bus approach so I could get a few more photos of Anthony. With a hearty "Hello, Mama!" from the bus driver, and a hug and kiss from Anthony, he was off crossing the road and climbing on the bus. 

I hope you have a wonderful first day, big, brave boy! We love you! Molly will be joining you in school and on the bus next week! Keep her spot warm for her. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Hope he has a great first day! Have I mentioned that I love your new hair cut, it looks great!!

  2. My eyes are watering as I read this, You look great Anthony, September always reminds us of how quickly time passes.. another year older.

  3. Loribug, he had a great first day!! And thank you! I needed a change! :)

    Candice, time passes far too quickly. I told Anthony you liked his photos and he said thank you!


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