Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kiddo's Homecoming and Surprise Tree Fort!

Sammy and I are so very excited to be building a tree fort for the kiddos!! Sweet Anthony has been wanting one for sooooo long. He has even drawn up his own blue prints....twice. Complete with multiple levels and a fish pond.

While this tree fort will only be one level and contain no fish pond, I do think it will meet the expectations of our three very patient and deserving children. 

This tree fort has been a huge labor of love! We worked on it constantly while the kids were away with their Grandma and Grandpa in CA for three weeks. We aren't done quiet yet, there's still LOTS to do, but the outside building is complete with board and batten walls and the metal roof is on. We still have to do the railings and such on the front porch and other fun add-on's like a mail box and house numbers. The inside has been insulated with a bit of electrical work done, and plywood has been put up that we've primed so the kids can pick out what color they want to paint the walls. After the walls have been painted, we will trim the windows and will work on shelving for toy storage as well as a seating area and other fun things. 

It's been TONS of work, but oh soooo fun!  

In progress....

The outside so far! Just have to paint, do porch railings, and all the fun add-ons. :)

Kiddo's homecoming....

We are very happy to have the kiddos home now! They love the tree fort and are excited to help us finish.  

And may I just add, in the three short weeks the kids were gone, I had forgotten just how chaotic the house is with three children in it!  Haha! Good thing school starts soon! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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