Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gratitude Journal

A few weeks ago, I had a friend mention to me that she picked up a book called Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude. Being her awesome self, she shared this book with me and took photos of the first chapter so I could read it. It struck me, right to the heart. It was then I decided I was going to start my own gratitude journal. 

When I was in 11th grade, I took a trip with other classmates to England. While we were in London, I spent a pretty penny on a leather bound journal. It was soft, it was beautiful, and I had wanted it very badly. 

It sat on a shelf for 11 years. 

I think I was afraid that it was so special to me, nothing I had to say was "good enough" to be written in it. So other than taking it down off the shelf every now and again to look at it, and getting paint on it in the process of repainting the room with which it resides in, it just sat there. Admired, but unused.  

Finally, I decided, a gratitude journal is what it had been waiting for all these years. And so I began.

I am on day 15. At the end of each day, I climb into bed, unwrap and open my journal, and I reflect on the day. I write down 5 things I am thankful and grateful for, and then I close it, wrap it back up, and place it on my bedside table. I plan to do this every day for a year. 

I am thankful and grateful for..... (a few entries so far).

Listening to the rain while laying in bed this morning. 
Hearing the giggles of my children....even when they are suppose to be sleeping. 
The beautiful beach sunset. 
Having the courage to do what I wish, not what others wish of me. 
Deep fried oreos. 
Sam got out of his work meeting early. 
The feel of new, comfy sweatpants. 
Girl talk. 

Super simple things. I don't think too hard about it. I just jot down what comes to mind. I've found that the less you think about it, the more honest and true it is. Simple and honest. 

I encourage you to start a gratitude journal for yourself!! I'm thinking about having Anthony and Molly think of one thing they are thankful for to write down each day. How awesome would it be look back on that list? 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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