Monday, July 21, 2014

Night Waker

It starts with a whimper
Just a soft, sweet whimper
And all too soon I hear your tiny feet pit-pat-pattering on the floor
Groggily I roll out of bed
It's 2:30 in the morning, my clock tells me so
I meet you in our doorway, your arms already stretched out
I pluck you off the floor in one fell swoop
Your little arms wrap around my neck and your little legs around my waist
Your head rests upon my shoulder and you sigh a real deep sigh
What's on your mind, my little one?
What's woke you from your slumber?
I hold you tight and sway my hips
Dancing in the doorway with my sleepy night waker
Ever so slowly we make our way back to your room
Step by step, sway by sway, my bare feet on the cold floor
The moonlight filters through the living room windows
The curtains ruffle slightly in the night breeze
The house is still and quiet
As tired as I am, my heart whispers to go slow
I know better than to rush this moment
This most perfect moment that all too soon will be but an old Mama's memory
Standing by your bed now, I can't seem to lay you down
My arms squeeze you tighter and I softly rub your back
Your eyes start to close as I kiss your messy bed head
In the soft glow of your nightlight, my heart pounds with so much love
I close my eyes and soak up the moment
Sweet one, I would hold you for a million years if I could!
But time doesn't stop, no matter how much I wish it would
So down you finally go and I gently tuck you in
As I tip-toe out of your room and back into my own
I thank God for this moment 
This 2:30 in the morning, dancing in the moonlight, gone by too fast 
Perfect moment with my sleepy night waker

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. so sweet, I miss those middle of the night moments with each of my bugs. They are all deep snorey sleepers now so they don't come to me in the middle of the night anymore. But every once in awhile, Ethan will wake up before everyone else and crawl into my bed for a morning snuggle. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I relish every second.


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