Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mama's Birthday

I had a pretty enjoyable 28th birthday yesterday! The kiddos and I hung out at home waiting for Sammy to get off work early. Not too exciting, but I was surprised with lots of phone calls from friends and family as well as a few cards in the mail (thanks everyone!!) and a box from my dad that contained this cute frog wind chime! Thank you! 

After Sam got home, we loaded up and headed to The Dalles. We stopped at a few places where Sam bought me a couple cute lanterns for the front porch and I treated myself to a new lime green bistro table! So excited to add some new accessories to our front porch and yard.

We eventually met up with some friends at a restaurant called River Tap for dinner. We settled in and I opened a few gifts. The kids each made me a sweet card! Love homemade cards from my babies. Sammy got me a bracelet I had been eyeballing from a fellow friend and vendor at the farmers market. I was taking a look at all her wonderful jewelry a few weeks back and told her if she wanted to, she could drop a hint to Sam as to which one I liked, haha. Well she did and Sam took the hint and now I've got a special bracelet made by a friend! Thanks, Sammy! My friends Tracie and Kurt also wrote me a sweet card and got me a gift certificate to Old Navy. THANK YOU dear friends! 

Dinner was delicious and I so enjoyed visiting with friends and being out with Sam and the kids. 

After dinner we headed over to Double Berry Frozen Yogurt for dessert! It's a really awesome place where you pick your frozen yogurt flavor and then get to pick whatever toppings you want and then you weigh your bowl to figure out how much you owe. Mmmmmm, it was delicious and it was so fun watching the kids decide what they wanted for toppings. Anthony got a little crazy with the toppings and Timothy was especially exited about the topping picking process. As for me, chocolate frozen yogurt with chopped up reeces, caramel sauce, and hot chocolate sauce, please! 

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wises and love! I truly appreciate it! You made this Mama smile. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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