Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Birthday Goodness

Anthony's birthday! The big 7! The day started out with snuggles in bed, then he helped me make a quick breakfast. Grandma and I took the kids out to our local pizza place for lunch and a few games while we waited for Papa to get off work early. 

Once Papa was home, we did presents! We got Anthony his very own Bigfoot etched drinking glass and a Bigfoot etched field journal. He also got a Mighty Wallet and cool spork from his Grandma and Grandpa in CA, along with a few cards and cash from other relatives. 

After presents, we measured the birthday boy against our family growth board, just like we do every year, to see how much he's grown. 

And then.....we went to the movies!! We saw How To Train Your Dragon in 3D and it was awesome!! The kids sat so well and were really into it. Oh gosh, Timothy looked adorable in his 3D glasses! Haha. And now that I know the kids will sit nicely to watch a movie in the theater, I'll take them again. 

After our movie we headed to Anthony's favorite place for dinner, Spooky's, then we made our way home for ice cream cake. 

Wow, what a fun day!

Molly's birthday, turning 5! It was Saturday, so Papa didn't have to go to work at all, so we jumped right into measuring Molly on our family growth boards and then presents! We got Molly a new set of pajamas, as well as a pretty new dress. She also got a cute shoulder bag and owl notepad from her Grandma and Grandpa in CA, along with many cards and cash from other relatives. 

After presents, we hit the road. We went out to breakfast where all the kiddos got pancakes and eggs, then continued on our way to go berry picking!! Oh my gosh, it was awesome. We got so many berries! We picked 2 huge buckets of blackberries and 6 buckets of my favorite....raspberries. We plan to do some canning and making other yummy goodies. 

After berry picking we had to do some shopping....kind of a bummer, but at least it was Costco and we all got free samples! Anthony and Molly each chose a few items to buy with their birthday money, so that made going to Costco a bit more fun. 

Our long day out saw us back home eating birthday cake pizza! We ate so many goodies and such at Costco, no one was into cake, so we made a pizza and stuck the candle in a slice for Molly, who really thought it was an awesome idea, hahaha. 

What a great day for the birthday girl! 

We had their party on Sunday, the 29th. It was such a wonderful, relaxed party. We had burgers and dogs, pasta salad, chips and dip, a veggie platter, and a huge berry platter. Each of the kiddos had their own birthday cake and it was so fun singing happy birthday and watching them blow out their candles. 

They got a lot of great gifts! Grandma got them each a new school backpack and lunch tote. They got cards and money and DQ gift cards. Some clothing, a few jewelry pieces, lots of awesome books, and glow sticks. Molly got this really sweet porcelain tea set that we've already played with twice. And from Mama and Papa, Anthony got his own car track that he's been wanting forever, and Molly got my American Girl doll bed that my Grandpa made for me when I was little and I just bought new bedding for it. What a special gift. Oh! And we can't forget the money the kids got from Grandpa in NY to go towards their super awesome tree fort that we are in the middle of building. YES!! They were soooo stoked! 

The party was awesome. Everyone got there at 1 and people didn't start leaving until 7 at night! Wowza. There was lots of playing, chatting, and relaxing. So awesome. 

Thank you everyone who came to help Anthony and Molly celebrate their birthdays. It truly means a lot to us. 

Alright! Now that all the kiddos' birthdays are over with, we can concentrate on other summer fun! Like the 4th of July and our upcoming camping trip! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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