Thursday, June 19, 2014

Garden Progress

We have officially finished all of our fencing for our garden, complete with a large swing gate! We have also done a rock boarder around the whole outside perimeter (except for where the swing gate is).

We've still got to make our main entry garden gate, but we've got our walkway started (still needs grout) and the kids had a good time helping me place marbles in the wet cement to make the walkway pretty. Then I wrote 2014 in the smoothed out cement area for fun. And later on one of our dogs had a good time putting their stamp into the cement as well. 

We have plans to make one corner of the garden a nice sitting area, made out of pallet wood. In time I'll wind up adding some potted plants and other garden knick-knacks to make it all cutesy. I picture hanging out in the garden reading a book and sipping on a delicious lemonade drink. 

With the remainder of all the rocks we had, the kids helped me make two small rock walls that boarder our main foot path through one area of our yard down to the horse barn. I love it! To the left of the foot path I plan to someday hang a hammock and maybe a few lanterns or lights and make that a nice relaxing hangout spot. You can never have too many sitting areas in your yard! 

And just because we're on the topic of gardens and such, check out my beautiful succulent chair! I also updated the ones I have in a pair of old boots. Most of my succulents I've purchased from our local Goldendale Farmers Market for only $2. 

It's so awesome to see everything come together. We've worked hard this past spring and will continue to work hard throughout the summer to finish and prep our garden area so next year we can plant! ....and maybe even get chickens. ;) 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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