Thursday, May 15, 2014

Portland Children's Museum

For Timothy's 2nd birthday this past Sunday, we all went to the Portland Children's Museum. 

The morning started out with a gift from Grandpa and birthday cards. Timothy was excited to receive some money and a bug collecting kit! 

We then got on the road, stopping at our local coffee shop and getting the grown ups coffee and the kids chocolate shakes. Timothy was pretty dang stoked to be drinking a birthday chocolate shake! 

We all had a great time at the Portland Children's museum. Timothy's favorite part was the play grocery store. He just loooooooooved "shopping" and "scanning" his grocery items. It was hard to tear him away to go check something else out! There was also a play vet clinic which he loved too. 

After a few hours at the museum, we had to call it quits. This poor Mama was feeling feverish and yuck. I've been struggling with allergy crap for a month now and I wasn't cut a break on Sunday just because it was Mother's Day and Timothy's birthday. Even though I was feeling ick, we still stopped to eat out for dinner. But the second we got home, it was bed time for me....fever and all. 

Despite the poor ending to the day which really bummed me out, we had a blast and I'm so glad Timothy had fun on his birthday. 

Love you, sweetie pie!! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Once again, beautiful pictures..It looks like a FUN time was had by all. BUT our Timothy looks like he so much older than his 2 years with his hair all slicked back like a big boy!! Looks like thats a place Grandma and Grandpa Chris would like to visit!! I love the way it was set up to mimic real life it was awesome.


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