Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There Is No Doubt

I've been a Mama for a while now. 6 years and 22 months to be exact. But still, somehow, this fact surprises me.  

I answer to Mama, no matter who it is that's doing the calling. People say things like, "You're children are quiet wonderful" and it's not like I look around bewildered that they're talking to me....I know that they are! I have the figure of a Mama. I also have the lack of sleep of a Mama. Yet, I take a look around my home and at the three little faces that inhabit it and sometimes I'm like a deer in headlights....Who am I? What is this place? How did I get here? What year is this? 


I'm a Mama. Me. 

There is no doubt. Only surprise. 

Surprise because I could have sworn it wasn't that long ago I was the one watching my Dad in the kitchen making breakfast....not the one doing the breakfast making with little eyes watching me. 

Surprise because I could have sworn I was the one telling my Mom goodbye and giving her a kiss as I left for school.....not the one being given a kiss on the cheek with strong arms wrapped around my neck as my little man leaves for the day. 

Surprise because I could have sworn it was me fighting with my siblings while my parents hollered in the background to "Keep your hands to yourself!" or better yet, "Sit on your hands!".....not the one telling arguing children "If I have to tell you one more time I'm going to...!"

6 years and 22 months later and I am still surprised and pinch myself, wondering how time has passed so quickly and how, for goodness sakes, how, did I go from being a child to having three of my own. 

I am a Mama. Me. 

Rise and shine and out the bedroom door. No time for socks.

The view I have when I'm standing, cold feet on the floor, deciding what I should do first.

There are lunches to be packed.

And dirty dishes in the sink.

All gets done with my morning coffee and the help of a few cough drops when I'm feeling yuck because Mama's can't take sick days (unless there's a Grandma around!).

Little backpacks lined up on the bench by the front door alongside little coats and little shoes...shortly the bench will be bare and those little ones will be out the door.

But they always return home with beautiful artwork to fill up spaces in our home that would normally be bare and bland.

I am a Mama. Me.

There is no doubt. Only love. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Beautiful Rebecca Lynn Elizabeth, your mommy is so proud of you. Beautifully written a wonderful "read"


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