Saturday, April 5, 2014

I Want Crazy

I don't want "good" and I don't want "good enough"
I want "can't sleep, can't breathe without your love"
Front porch and one more kiss, it doesn't make sense to anybody else
Who cares if you're all I think about,
I've searched the world and I know now,
It ain't right if you ain't lost your mind
Yeah, I don't want easy, I want crazy
Are you with me baby? Let's be crazy!

-Hunter Hayes, "I Want Crazy"

Happy 8 years, Lover!  

April 5, 2006

With love,
Mama (Becca Lynn) Hauck


  1. As always such a beautiful couple. We love you have an awesome anniversary.

  2. Congrats you too! And to many more years :)


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