Thursday, March 6, 2014

What We Have Been Into Recently

Because I don't want to forget.....

What we have been into recently:

Canvas prints
Coco Puffs
Brushing teeth
Making coasters
Farting and laughing
Helping to unload the dishwasher
Bigfoot.....Finding Bigfoot show, Bigfoot exhibits and presentations:

Neutragrain Bars
Rubber bands
Baby books
Secret knob doors
Fighting over colored plates
Scentsy wall plug ins
Chocolate milk
Timothy self feeding
This song:

Fruit snacks
Putting mac&cheese boxes and other items in the washing machine
ipad games
Turning on the vacuum for me
Friday night sleepovers
Timothy patting his bum and telling me he's gone poop
Manderine oranges
Painting rocks
The kids' Cloud B turtle lights:

Straw water cups
Playing in the new shop
Holding hands in the car at the bus stop and blowing kisses goodbye
Hot Wheels
Unplugging the lamp 
1 sock, 2 sock, now 1 leg, 2 leg, and up! 
The ID Channel
This song:

Kiddos painting
Sweat pants
Timothy's Scuttle bug
Homemade pizza
Grabbing my phone when it rings, dings, or makes any noise whatsoever
Studying for spelling tests
The show Vikings
Rice crispies with chocolate syrup:

Crawling underneath the table
American Girl Saige doll
Getting into the Wii and N64 remotes...over and over and over again
Loosing teeth
Waving bye-bye
Fighting over the red blanket
Molly taking self portraits and Anthony taking videos
Homemade mounds bars:

Climbing on things....like the kitchen table, the back of the coach, and the end tables
High-fives, knucks, E-T's, and handshakes 
Stomping and slamming doors
Salted caramel mochas
Bedroom decor improvements
"Make Me Dance" playlist
Peanut butter and jam faces
Playing with the kitchen light switch.....on, off, on, off, on.....off. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Awesome list Becca Lynn, sounds like a world full of fun!!! I miss it all.


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