Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Forever Yours

When your most delicate, precious, tiny hand reaches up and grabs mine....

When your little fingers beckon to be held and they intertwine with my own....

I can feel my heart swell. 

I am all consumed. 

I am reminded of how I am forever yours.

You chose me to be your Mama. 

I am humbled. 

I am grateful.

I am in love.

I am in awe. 

Of all the Mamas in the World who could be holding that sweet little hand I love so much....

You chose me. 


And you lead me....

With that most delicate, tiny, precious hand. 

With those little fingers that are intertwined with my own. 

You lead me. 

You lead me to the snacks.

To the swings. 

And to the person I want to be.

If you could only feel what my heart feels when your hand takes mine....

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Made me think of him coming into the kitchen grabbing my fingers and pulling me into his bedroom, pointing to his beanbag chair with the word "sit" no explanation needed. Just so cute!


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