Monday, March 3, 2014

Every Day, Not Always So Big, Simple Moments

I don't know which older kiddo climbed up on the coffee table first, but I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I saw the three of them lined up there all in a row. Too cute. 

Timothy has taken a fondness to this one golden necklace Molly has. The first thing he'll do in the morning is find it and put it on. He will leave it on ALL day, no lie. The other morning after getting him dressed, I noticed his one pant leg was still hiked up. I about died....he looked like a little gangster baby with his bling. LOL

Every Friday the kids get to do a sleepover in our room. It's just something special we have always done. This past Friday was Timothy's first time camping out on our floor with Anth and Mols! Sammy and I had been contemplating letting Timothy join in on the fun, but was nervous he wouldn't stay in his bed and would keep the other two awake. However, when he saw Anthony and Molly setting up their beds on the floor, he didn't really give us the choice....he ran to the bedroom and snuggled himself in Molly's bed and gave a big 'ol smile. How could you say no to that? So we set him up with his own bed and his squeal of delight just made my whole day! What a big boy he is now. 

It's all those every day, not always so big, simple moments that just make my heart swell. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


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