Friday, February 7, 2014

Pinterest Win - Old Window Frame

We are in the middle of giving our bedroom a little face lift. Two summers ago we repainted. Shortly after that we made a new headboard and bedside tables. Finally I bought new bedding and curtains. With new doors and trim in the process right now, I decided a simple change for the room would be to move around photos and make new collages. I checked out Pinterest for some ideas and found this....

The pin:

Our Creation:

I found this old window frame at this really cool antique place I like to go to when we get out of town. They had a few there, and I really should have picked them all up, but at the time I only had the money for one.

This one is really self explanatory. Print your desired photos out, tape them to the back of your window frame, and hang. As with most things that need hanging in our home, my go to is Sam. He did the usual....screw in two screws on each side on the back, then took hanging wire and wrap each end around a screw multiple times until he was sure it was secure. Hang and enjoy! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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