Saturday, February 15, 2014

House of Love

I loved them yesterday and the day before that. I love them today. I will love them tomorrow and the day after that. 

I never understood the criticism over Valentine's Day. No, we don't need a day marked on the calendar to remind us to show the ones we love that we do indeed love them. Honestly, is there anyone out there that shows their love only on Valentine's Day? Hahaha.....No. We show our love towards the ones in our heart every day. So why not have a little extra fun on a day many people like to deem commercial?....it makes my children smile and therefore makes me smile. 

If you are a non-lover of Valentine's Day, maybe it's because you don't have children yet. I don't know, just my humble opinion. :) 

Valentine's Day started out with a special love note I wrote to Anthony and stuck in his lunch box. :) It was a busy morning for Timothy and I.....a dr. appointment and other errands ate up our whole morning while Anthony and Molly were at school. 

When I got home, Molly couldn't wait to show me all the valentines she got while at preschool! It was the first thing Anthony did when he got home as well! Too cute. I love their decorated Valentine's Day envelopes! We went through each and every valentine, reading them, seeing who they were from, and checking out the candy. I hope I get to have a piece. ;) 

In the afternoon after school when the kids were off keeping themselves busy, I decorated the kitchen table with candles, balloons, and the kids' valentine baskets (yes....we do valentine baskets in our home!) Isn't it so pretty to look at!? I love it.  

When Papa got home it was go time! The kids dug into all their goodies. There were cards and love notes, books and stickers, tattoos and t-shirts, candy, chapstick, legos, a new bathing suit for Mols, a special Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot beanie for Anthony, and a little barking doggie for Timothy. Papa even got some goodies....handmade cards from the kids and a book for on the airplane for our upcoming trip to NY. And I got some glass stir sticks for my coffee! 

Unfortunately, Timothy is not a fan of the little doggie. He was all about it, until I turned it on and it barked and moved. It really freakes him out, hahaha. I hope he'll learn to love it! I got it specially for him thinking he'd love it.....oh well. 

After opening our valentine baskets, Papa made us all a special Valentine's Day dinner.....chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits with gravy, and chocolate milk. Mmmmmm. It was mighty delicious! Love breakfast for dinner. 

To cap off our wonderful day, we had a yummy desert of chocolate dipped strawberries! 

I'm loving my house of love. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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