Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve on the Hauck Homestead 2013

Christmas Eve in our house is just as special as Christmas Day. Actually, if I'm going to be truthful, I like it a bit more than Christmas Day.  I love the build up to the next morning and all the traditions we have in place for our family. 

This is our Christmas Eve story....

We slept in. :) It was soooooooooo nice. Breakfast was had, showers were taken, meatballs were put in the crock pot for lunch, a few games of backgammon were had, I made home made blueberry muffins for breakfast the next morning, and there were lots of snuggle time and snack eating throughout the morning and afternoon. 

I wanted to make sure we got a few photos in front of the tree, so before we started our Christmas Eve festivities, we completed this one important to-do. 

This is how our house looks on Christmas Eve. It's magical. I love the lights. I love the tree. I love all the presents under the tree. I love the stockings. I love the Christmas music that plays all day. I just love it. 

Time to feed the reindeer! The older kids made reindeer food in school (they've done this every year and I think it's awesome!), so we made Timothy some here at home. You can't go wrong with celery and oatmeal, right? We headed out to the front year to pick the perfect spot to dump our food. Not too close to the house because Santa needs room to land his sleigh, but not too far out because Santa doesn't want to walk really far. lol

Dinner consisted of home made clam chowder. We always have this either on Christmas Eve or Christmas and we always look forward to it! Super tasty. 

After dinner we played a few games of UNO out in the shop while the fire kept us warm. The kids thought that was amazing and each of us took our turn being the winner. Timothy kept himself busy sweeping and playing ball. It was nice taking the fun out to the shop, maybe we'll make a point of doing it every year. Start a new tradition of games and music in the shop. 

Every year we allow the kids to open one gift on Christmas Eve. The three of them fight over Timothy's Cloud B turtle light, so we decided the older two needed one of their own. They were so stoked! Molly's is purple and Anthony's is blue. Timothy got a nice little net and water bugs to catch in the tub during bath time. Fun! 

We also have a Christmas Eve tradition of popcorn, hot chocolate, and a Christmas movie. We got the kids their own Christmas thermoses and everyone snuggled in for a snack and and some tv time.  

We always end the night with a letter to Santa and setting up his snack. Little Timothy was so tired, we put him to bed at 8:30....so unfortunately he missed out, but Mama made sure to sign his name at the bottom for him. :) We picked out a home made blueberry muffin and a home made mounds bar for Santa, poured him some milk, then got the older two tucked into bed. 

Then, of course, Santa came. :) 

With love, 
Mama Hauck

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