Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch

This past Wednesday we were able to hit up a pumpkin patch in the late afternoon, one of my favorite things to do in fall!! We headed towards the Toppenish, WA area and went to Schell's......http://www.schellscornmaze.com/. Last October Timothy was just a wee one, still bumming a ride in the front carry pack, so this year was super exciting! I LOVED watching him explore and seeing the big 'ol smile on his face! All the kids had so much fun! We got our pumpkins first and I had to laugh out loud as I watched Anthony and Molly meticulously pick theirs out and Timothy grunt as he tried to lift up the little one he picked out! 

We then headed to the kiddo hay maze and the hay tower with slides where the kids spent a good 30 minutes running all over the place. It was funny watching Timothy follow Papa and I through the hay maze all the while munching on his apple. 

Lastly we went to the huge corn maze! We intended to spend about 30 minutes or so in there.....but an hour and a half later, when we were STILL in the corn maze, the kids started to get a little spooked. "Are we going to be lost in here FOREVER!!" Molly said in a little voice that quivered. Hahaha! "No, Molly! We will not be lost forever! But why don't we let Papa take the lead now." At one point we heard something moving in the corn, a bird or chipmunk I'm sure (or was it!!!??), and that about flipped the kids out. Hehehe Soooo much fun! I love fall and Halloween! 

I took a lot of photos, so prepare for a picture overload!  I couldn't post just a few....they were all so cute.  

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Those are some of my fav pics now!! Absolutely love them.

  2. Beautiful pics baby girl!! Reminds me of the days that we took you all to the pumpkin patches!! Of course we didn't post pics back then! I think next Halloween your Mommy would like to come up....Look forward to talking to you, SOON! Love Mom


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