Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Helloooooo October!

Ahhhh, October. My favorite month! Time to sit by the bonfire and eat smores, break out the sweatshirts and boots, take our fall family photos, and......all things HALLOWEEN!

We will be having our annual Hauck Homestead Halloween party this year, complete with pumpkin carving and goody bags for the kids! I've already sent the invites out for the 19th. I'm excited! We always have a good time. I've already got some decorations up....did that yesterday......just couldn't wait one more day! I've still got a lot of work to do, but we've got plenty of time. I'll be working on the menu plan shortly. 

I'm also excited to take our fall family photos. I always look forward to heading down to "our spot" for a nice little photo shoot come the end of October/beginning of November. This was last years....

In other news....

We've made two sales since opening our Goldendale Country Bumpkins shop on FB! We've made five sales all together, but three of those were to friends prior to making our shop. Our most recent sales were custom orders...one was a Green Bay Packers playing set and the other was a dog playing set. Each went with a regular sized game board. What do you think? To check out our shop, see the link on the side of my blog! 

Sammy shaved his beard! Isn't he handsome? I love me a good 'ol beard, but having him clean shaven reminds me of when we first met (you know....our Navy days.....pre-Goldendale!), so I'm diggin' it. We'll see how long he stays shaved. He might have to grow it back in order to stay warm in winter, haha.  

Now please excuse me while I go to "Octoberish" stuff....like drinking piping hot coffee while painting monster rocks. :) 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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