Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Sometimes I feel as if I am no good at being the Mama to a school aged kiddo. Birth to age 4, no problem. 5+, I'm lost. When it comes to Anthony, I'm not sure what to expect, how I should help him, how much I should be helping, where he's suppose to be at school performance wise.....  I feel kinda clueless. Am I doing enough to help him? Am I doing too much? Should I be more hands on? Should I sit back and watch him figure out what his own stride is? Is there a handbook I can read on how to be a better school parent!? It doesn't help that I'm not so hot on his teacher this year. She's done a few things that I haven't seen eye to eye on. I hope my take on her will change with his parent-teacher conference in a few weeks

Anthony has struggled for a few weeks now with his spelling words. Did you know they did spelling tests in 1st grade? I didn't. We do the homework, study the words, and do practice tests. He'll do a mighty fine job at home, but when test time comes in school, he doesn't do so well. 

Two weeks ago, Anthony and I decided we were going to blow his teacher out of the water. We studied extra hard, spelled our words out load a few extra times, and took extra practice tests. The smile on his face when I pulled his spelling test out of his folder with that big 'ol 100% on top was huge and priceless. He even got the bonus word right. :) 

I told Anthony that he always makes me proud. Always. No matter what the grade is on his spelling tests. However, I also told him that he needs to make himself proud and always do his best and give 100%. 

I know my children look at myself and their Papa and think we know everything and have all the answers. We don't. But as long as we always give them 100% and do everything in our power to encourage and help them succeed, then I guess it's ok if we feel a little lost. Maybe my Mama school-knowledge will come with time, right? 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Oh, I don't like those spelling tests in 1st grade!!! We had them too - all my kids. My 3rd baby was never as much of a "student" as my older two...and he would struggle so bad studying for those tests!!! Tears!!! UGH! It was so frustrating and I would sit with him for what seemed like forever...I couldn't understand how he couldn't remember the words! His teacher assured me "Santa" has a way of bringing 1st grade teachers a gift and usually after Christmas break the kids start to really catch on. My son did! It was amazing. We did hold him back this past year - and it was the BEST thing we ever did! But he was, VERY young for his grade. Hugs! You're a great mom!


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