Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Catching Up

Hello there! It's been a while! We've been pretty busy recently, the reason for my silence on here! 

With Molly still at Grandma's and the weather being warmer, we've taken the opportunity to have a few dinner and play dates with friends so Anthony can get in some extra fun play time. We had a lunch gathering with a new friend, Kristin and her family, 3 dinner dates with my friend Candice and her family, and I had a lunch date at my friend Tracie's place....that got interrupted by a phone call from the school asking me to come pick him up because he wasn't feeling well, lol. We've also taken Anthony to the park and to ice cream a few times. Lots of fun these past two weeks. It's nice to get out of the house and treat Anthony to a little extra fun with his sister away. 

Speaking of Molly, I miss her! I talk to her every other day or so and with the exception of getting a bit teary when it's bed time because she misses us, she's having a great time! I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa are spoiling her. I hear they've gone to the aquarium, zoo, and camping among other fun activities. I hope my children will remember and look back on fondly all the time they got to spend with their relatives. 

We've also been busy project wise. I think I've mention that we're starting work on a guest house this summer? Well in order to store all the wood for the guest house, we've been working on a building off of our existing shop. The concrete for that building will be poured this Saturday and we will also be picking up the wood for it soon. Once that is finished, we can then get the wood for and start the guest house. Exciting! We've also been working on revamping our fire pit area. Not only have we cleaned it up, but we've made a few benches, tables, and each one of us has our own hand made chair. :) I'll be posting photos of all that soon I hope. 

This past Sunday I had a maternity shoot and for two and a half days straight I was glued to the computer for hours working on those photos. This is the second shoot in a package deal of baby shower, maternity, and newborn photos for one couple. The shoot went very well! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and everything just fell into place very nicely. Even the animals I worked with along with the couple behaved nicely. Fantastic! I'll be bringing you those photos tomorrow!

I'm currently in the middle of weaning Timothy. It's been rough....real rough....but we've managed to get him down to two feedings....morning and night. I think I'll keep it at that for a while before I completely wean him. I started last Friday and although he's not a fan, he's doing pretty well. The first few days were the worst and were filled with constant, endless crying that drove me absolutely batty. I stuck to my guns though and didn't cave. I just tried my best to offer lots of food and snacks, play with him and pretty much just keep him busy and distracted so maybe his mind would stay off nursing. Now that we're 6 days in, I think he's realized he's not getting any boob except for morning and night, so the fits and crying have almost completely stopped. He still has his moments, like before nap time, but all in all he's been good about it the last two days. He still isn't a fan of milk in a cup. I've been mixing breast milk and whole milk in his favorite straw cup in the hopes he'll drink it and get used to using his cup for milk, but he's not liking it. He'll take a few sips then throw it, lol. I keep holding out hope that with time he'll take to it and that's when I'll wean him of the morning and night feedings so I can be completely done with breast feeding. Wish me luck! It's been a tough experience!

In other news, Anthony's last day of school is this Friday. YES!!! I'm soooooo excited! I'm really looking forward to having him home during the day and I know he's looking forward to it as well. Long summer days filled with all day play and sunshine are ahead! Friday will be a noon dismissal and hopefully Sam will be able to take a half day so we can go pick him up and then do something fun with him. Dinner, park, pool? Who knows.

My father will be getting here shortly! He flys in from NY on the 22nd and we're so excited! He'll be here with us until July 7th and we're really looking forward to having him here for two weeks. He, as well as my mother, will be here for the kids' birthday party on the 23rd! I really need to get planning and grocery shopping for that. This month is just passing me by so quickly, I didn't even realize that I've only got a week and a half until party day. 

I think I've got ya'll caught up now. Spring and Summer always has the Haucks buzzing around like busy bees. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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