Saturday, April 6, 2013

04-05-06....7 Short Years Ago

We're at the tail end of Spring Break here for the kiddos. It's been filled with a lot of on and off again sickness, but what else is new. Despite this, we've enjoyed the week. 

Yesterday was my 7 year wedding anniversary! When you're younger, 7 years feels like an eternity, but it's no lie that your perception of time changes as you get older. I think having children has a great affect on time perception as well. Now a days it feels like 7 years was just yesterday and gone in a blink of an eye. When I stop and reflect, I realize just how much has changed in those 7 short years. 2 career changes, 2 home moves and 3 children later, I wonder if I would even recognize the Sam and Becca of 7 years ago....before we become Papa and Mama. 

On Wednesday Sam and I were able to steal away for an evening to get new tattoos. We like to do this for our anniversary (except last year....since I was pregnant!). I was very, very, VERY excited about this!! Not only had it been 2 years since the last time I got a tattoo, but this one in particular was very important to me. I got the scar on my chest covered!! This had been very much wanted and very long awaited. I had done the research on scar coverups, I had put a lot of thought into what I wanted, and I had saved and saved in order to have it done. I was sick and tired of hiding the scar and not being able to wear what I wanted to wear because of it. But now, unless you know it's there and are looking for it, you can't see it at all. I'm so stoked! The pain was totally worth it. I wanted to get Timothy's foot print done as well, but we ran out of time. It took  3 hours as it was to do my chest piece, so Timothy's foot print will be next time. Sam got the Geisha girl on his arm finished up as well as a lot of touch ups done. Tattoos can fade over time, so he needed a lot of coloring touched up. -

Scar before:

It's an old bowflex pic from 2 years ago, lol, don't laugh.

Scar after:

Half way done.....you can see that my scar is going to be turned into a flower petal.

Finished piece! Cherry blossoms done by Ramsey at Old School Tattoo in Bellingham, WA

Anyway, back to yesterday, our actual anniversary. We had plans to spend the day together and go out to dinner for our anniversary, but because my mom was sick and unable to watch the kids, those plans fell through. Instead we loaded all the kids up and went to some antique stores in search of some stuff for the guest house that will be in the works this summer (YAY!). We managed to find some old door nobs we will use for coat hooks and a few old soup ladles I want to use for tea light holders. We also found some metal lizards to put out in the "rock garden" sitting area that will be on the side of the guest house.

We went to one of our favorite places for lunch, Spookys, where the conversation went from, "Sit still on your bottom, please" to "Hush up now or I'll throw salt in your eyes!" But trust me, of all the things parents can threaten their children with, that one did nothing but make everyone laugh. 

We continued on our way to a few other stores, one being a big farming store where they had a whole bunch of tubs with itty bitty chicks in them. Sam caught one and gave it to me to hold so Molly could pet it.....but that got us in trouble. An employee came and told me we weren't allowed to handle the chicks. I glanced over at the hand sanitizer station on the wall, and without meaning to be a smart ass, because that's totally not me, I say, "So why do you have hand sanitizer on the wall if we're not allowed to touch the chicks?" The employee wasn't amused, but Sam and I laughed about it forever afterwards. 

We stopped at the pet store and bought a replacement fish for the one that died two days ago, but was still floating in the bowl, haha. The kids and I picked out a beta and merrily headed to the car. Anthony asked if he could hold it on his lap, so we happily obliged with the instructions to hold on to it tight so the fish wouldn't tip over and spill.  A while later Anthony moved his seat up next to Timothy to keep him company and then all the kiddos fell asleep. The fish, unbeknownst to me, was left in the back, set up on the seat arm. A few minutes and one sharp turn later and the fish dumps and spills. "FUCK!.....You need to pull over!" (good thing the kids were asleep and didn't hear that, haha) is all I manged to scream as I'm scrambling in the back to look for the fish. Sam pulls over and we feverishly look for the dang thing, but can't seem to find it. After what felt like forever, we see it fell down this tiny opening in the side paneling where the seat belt comes out of the wall. Sam tears it off and I finger pinch the fish's tail and plop it's dirt and hair covered floppy body into it's empty plastic bowl. Then we realize we have NO water to fill the bowl back up.....we always have water in the car, always.....except, apparently, when we need to save a fish! I told Sam to just chunk it, but he promptly replied with, "I spent 7 dollars on this fish! We're saving it!" We rushed to a nearby gas station, bought some water, and all ended well. We named the fish Lucky and then wondered how long could a fish go without water? Definitely a good 5 minutes. 

The remainder of the way home Sam and I talked about how it would have been nice to have had the day to ourselves. No rushing, no yelling, no crying, no stress.....but we both admitted the day was full of laughs because of the kids.

7 years down, many more to go. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


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