Monday, March 18, 2013

Papa Snuggles

Anthony was an awesome snuggler when he was a baby. Sam use to sit with him on the couch every afternoon reading a book and Anthony would literally sit there forever just so content. I remember laying in bed with Anthony on my chest taking our leisurely naps and loving every second.

Molly was a decent snuggler, not as into it as Anthony was, but definitely much more so than Timothy. She was notorious for falling asleep on your chest. You'd sit there on the couch with your arms on fire from holding her up and bum falling asleep just because you couldn't bare to move and wake her.

Timothy isn't such a great snuggler. He was when he was itty bitty, but his desire to snuggle left shortly after turning a few months old. He just doesn't sit still for long unless he's eating or sleeping, or on his way to sleeping, haha. He has his moments, but all in all he just isn't very content snuggling with you on the couch doing nothing. Boo. It makes Sam sad he never gets to snuggle with Timothy.

Because of his poor snuggling ways, it's a big deal to capture a photo of Timothy snuggling with his Papa!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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