Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just Another First

This past weekend was a busy one. I finished up the Bryan Maternity photo shoot (I posted those photos yesterday!) and spent a great deal of time finishing the photos and wrapping that all up. We had some friends over for dinner Saturday night. Chicken, ribs, fruit salad, noodle salad, mmmmm. It was nice to have people over for dinner, it had been a while! We had another friend over Sunday night for dinner. He brought with him crab and I was in Heaven eating my crab and sipping on my wine. Totally spoiled, I know. 

Another fun thing happened this weekend! Anthony had his very first sleepover! Ohhhhhh my was he out of his freaken mind excited!! Saturday night while our friends packed up to leave and Anth's friend, Landon, was deciding if he was going to stay over or not, Anthony was all like, ".....and I've got these pj pants for you and we can get a flashlight and my space book and I'll go get the blankets so we can put them on the floor and make a bed and and and....." hahaha

I'm glad Landon decided to stay. The kids had so much fun!! After getting their bed all ready, Sammy told them a story and I got them set up with water, snacks, flashlights and some space books. The next morning they were up at 6:30 and promptly came to our room to hop in bed and watch cartoons. Sammy made breakfast...pancakes, sausage, and eggs....while I taught the kids how to play "guess who." After eating it was just go-go-go! Swords, cars, cameras, games! Everyone wound up playing outside for a bit before Landon wanted to go home. What a great time! He's already talking about when he gets to sleepover at Landon's house.

Watching Anthony's excitement over his first sleepover made Sam and I a bit teary-eyed. Our little man isn't so little anymore. We've got another "first" to write down in the book.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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