Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Photo Props...Haves and Wants

I don't think I ever make a profit from the shoots I do. I mean, not in the sense of taking the money and putting it in my pocket. All of the money I make from the photo shoots I do for friends and family, I take and pour right back into my photography. Usually it's spent on photo props for future shoots. Like these ones I just purchased....(photo credit on photos and seller info listed below photos)

**Curly off white Mongolian long pile faux fur fabric

I'm thinking placed in this large bread bowl I have.....or in an old suitcase....or on top of a little wooden bench....the possibilities are endless.

**One striped munchkin stocking cap with long tail

I already had a newborn girl hat, I just needed a newborn boy hat. Mission complete. Though you can never have too many hats for sweet photos! The one I ordered will be cream and espresso.

**Blue maternity sash, red heart maternity sash, and light pink bow maternity sash

Super excited about these. I have a maternity shoot coming up within the next month or so with a gal pal. She's expecting her first child and it's a boy! I'm looking forward to surprising her with the blue maternity sash, and maybe even the red heart, to use in her photo shoot! She also received a gift certificate from her husband for Christmas....good for one family photo session (from me) to be used anytime in the year 2013. So all these other baby photo props will be put to good use during that shoot. I'm so excited, it's going to be great!

**Hand dyed luxe cheesecloth wraps

I got four of these. One blue, one pink, one espresso, one purple. They are so cute for wrapping baby up in.

Other things I'd love to have include.....

**Chunky baby blanket

One (or 10!) of these for under baby during a shoot would be great!

**Bow tie

A couple of these would be super adorable on a little baby boy.

** Chalkboard 
For writing love notes in engagement photos and baby names in maternity and baby photos, etc.

**Backdrop stand

One of these with about a gazillion different backdrops would be the best thing ever. No more using big pieces of black or white cloth or curtains, lol. Though it does get the job done.

There you have it, photo prop haves and wants. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. And you say your not a professional!! Professional is as professional does and that's you Becca Lynn, Way to go girl, love you...Mommy


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