Thursday, September 27, 2012

Here Comes The lie

Anthony had soccer practice yesterday, so I had to whip something up real quick so we could concentrate on getting ready and making it on time; a noodle dish, and it was delicious. Anthony has been Mr. Picky for quite some time now, so it didn't surprise me when he claimed the dinner I had made was yucky. However, he WAS going to eat it. Otherwise soccer practice wouldn't go well because I'd have a hungry, grumpy boy on my hands. It was a battle getting him to eat, but I told him if he didn't clean his bowl, we weren't going to soccer.

He used every excuse in the book.....

"This is too yucky for kids."
"You gave me too much."
"I'm full."
"I'll finish it tonight."

"Not working, my dear boy. Eat your dinner or no soccer practice. Do you want to go to soccer practice? Yes? Then eat your dinner."

Molly gobbled her dinner up and I left the kitchen with her to get her cleaned up and ready to go. That's when I heard it. The screech of the chair against the floor......the garbage lid.....and the clinking of a fork against a bowl. 

I walked back to the kitchen and there was Anthony standing with an empty bowl, about to put it in the dishwasher. 

"Anthony, did you eat your dinner?" I looked him right in the eyes, waiting for his answer. Hoping, praying, WILLING him to tell me the truth. But.....here it comes, here comes the lie......


My heart sank. Don't lie Anthony. Please don't lie. I wanted to give him a second chance. "Are you sure you ate it? You didn't throw it away in the garbage?"

"I ate it."

I could feel the tears welling up in me and this wave of disappointment washed over me. Am I a bad Mama if my boy doesn't tell the truth? Just tell me the truth, Anthony! "Think hard, Anthony, and tell me the truth. Did you eat it or throw it away."

"Mama! I ate it!" 

I opened up the garbage and found what I knew I would find and I just about cried as I stared at his noodles piled on top of trash in the garbage. "No soccer practice tonight, Anthony. Not only did you not eat your dinner like I asked you to do, but you threw it away when I wasn't looking and then you didn't tell me the truth when I asked you what you did with it. I'm not mad at you, but this makes Mama sad. You should always tell me the truth." 

Then off he went crying to his bedroom. 

Am I a big, mean Mama?? Would you have said no to soccer too? Was that too much? The thing is....I think if you don't stand your ground and keep your word then they'll forever walk all over you, thinking you're a push over. You have to be consistent, right? Right. But then sometimes I wonder if I need to mellow out a bit. Am I too much of a stick in the mud? Am I too strict? Do I need to take a chill pill and......Holy hell parenting should come with a hand book.

You know, it's not like he hasn't lied before. I always get the, "Molly did it! Not me!" even though I know it was him. Those are those little generic lies that EVERY kid says and I expect that. Recently, since school, he's been acting....different. A little more naughty. A little more resistant. Talking back a little more. A little more quick to get angry or upset and throw a fit. Not willing to listen. Just not like Anthony. Not my little Anthony. He's too cool for Mama and Papa now I guess. Is it school? Is it his age? Is it me? ......So I had really, really, REALLY, hoped he would have told me the truth last night. I really needed to hear it. Just so I could be reassured that *my* Anthony is still in there and this is just some weird *not Anthony* stage he's going through. 

My heart usually doesn't break over a lie, but this time it did. I feel like this lie symbolizes the one thing I hate the most....my children growing up and my lack of control over that.

This is hard. I can't cope. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

Monday, September 24, 2012


When I roll out of bed in the morning and I know.....

There will be a sweet baby with a huge smile plastered on his face looking up at me from his crib like no one in the World matters to him as much as I do....

I'm going to get at least 5 "I love yous" from my big boy by the time I take him to the bus stop and see him off to school at 7:10 am....

I get to spend the day with a little gal who will continuously impress me by showing off her new dance moves and counting to 10 a million times and sing the alphabet in that sweet sing-song voice....

I know my husband will actually be coming home that night and he's not off in Denver or Portland or Houston for work for the week or more....

It doesn't matter how draining the previous day was or how awful I slept last night, I'm thankful God has given me another day to live and soak in all the joy my family brings me. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Soccer Star!

Anthony had his second soccer game this past Saturday. He'll have them every Saturday till the end of October. I'm really LOVING it. It makes my heart swell to see Anthony having such a good time out there with his pals. I'm also really diggin' that special family time. Papa, Mols, Timothy, and I routing for Anthony from the sidelines....it's great. I'm so proud of him.

Once again, The Speedsters did awesome! Anthony scored 2 goals and I am happy to bring you a video of one of them! He did his infamous slide kick, haha, and was so proud of himself!

CLICK HERE to watch the video!

So far the Speedsters are undefeated, 2 for 2, with many more games to go!

With love,
Mama Hauck

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dance a Little Dance

Molly had her first dance class last Thursday! As expected, she was SUPER shy, lol, and didn't participate too much. But you know, I get that....I'd be shy too. Plus, get a whole bunch of little gals in a room with tap shoes on and it is LOUD! Mols wasn't a fan. She did, however, like the gymnastics part of the class. She was still shy, but much more happy to follow along. Of course, that's when my little point and shoot camera's battery crapped out so I didn't get any photos of her with a smile on her face! Boo. I only got a few photos of a shy Mols struggling to participate. And Timothy was being a little wiggle worm on my lap, so even those photos aren't that great. Ahh well, that's ok. 

When we got home she was all about it and wouldn't stop talking about being at dance class (I knew she was liking it....even if she looked like she wasn't!). It's just hard for a 3 year old to open up in a new situation with people she doesn't know. I think she'll be more open next time. 


My sweet, sweet little Mols.....

How my love grows for you every day. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

Friday, September 14, 2012

It Was Like That Forest Fire Scene From Bambi

Oh my....

This week.....

There are no words to describe this week. Wait. Yes there is....


Sammy left Monday morning to go to Denver, CO for the week. He gets home at 1 in the morning tomorrow (just in time for a few hours sleep then up for Anthony's second soccer game!). That means I've been flying solo this week....every day....ALL day....no breaks.....breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, kindergarten, preschool, soccer, dance, dogs, cats, horse, bunny, 3 kids, MYSELF, baths, bed, driving...OH THE DRIVING!!!.....and I am drop dead tired.

Did you know there was a bird in my car? Well, there was. On Wednesday. And I must have looked like a weirdo at the bus stop opening up all the doors with it being 50* out to try and get it out! Of course the kiddos thought it was hilarious. (I guess it kinda was).

I forgot to feed my horse two times. Sammy usually does it, but since he's gone, I've got to work it into the hectic mornings and evenings. So here I am running out to the barn with a flashlight at 9 at night to feed him so he doesn't hate me in the morning. Do you know how spooky that is? What was that!? Ohh...just the cat. What was that noise!? There it is again! Oh dang it I just stepped in horse poop with my flip flops on and the coyotes are after me!!

I think my dogs rolled in death because they STINK. 

I almost hit a baby deer this morning. Not like I haven't done that before though. It was like that forest fire scene in Bambi this morning, I swear! Deer all running through the fields and the dirt road, turkeys crossing in front of me, little quail running alongside the car, bunnies darting here and there. I literally looked around wondering where the fire was.

Timothy has been sleeping really awful this week; which translates to Mama sleeping really awful this week. It's really bad timing as I'm still trying to cope with our new school schedule that is pretty wonky....Anthony doing school every other day so it is different every week and Mols preschool Tuesdays and Thursdays and there is a different time I need to get up for each day depending on if it's just Anth going to school, just Molly going to school, or both of them going to school and I don't have to shower before taking Anthony to the bus stop but I do before driving Molly into school and then there's the baby to feed before getting everyone loaded in the car and he usually poops right as I'm walking out the door and I tell him I hope it isn't hot and steamy because he's gonna have to sit in it for like 15 minutes and then all the breakfasts to make that no one is ever happy with and don't forget the lunchbox with this juice box, not that juice box and all the animals to not forget to feed, I mean how could you forget the horse he's standing their neighing at you and there's the bus stop 3 miles away to get to and this one is thirsty and that one has to poop and didn't I tell you to go potty before we left the house because the bus stop is so far from home and there's no way you're dropping pants and pooping right here, that's only something we do in our yard and...and....and....and the fucking bird in the car.

Longest run on sentence ever, sorry.

The funny thing is, Sam being gone has nothing to do with all that craziness. He'd typically be at work for all that anyway. It's the flying solo without any help or a break for the after school and evening craziness that just takes the cake. You don't want to read that run on sentence, trust me.

Maybe I'm not cut out to be a school-aged kid's Mama? You know, now that I think about it, my life this week has pretty much been the equivalent to that forest fire scene in Bambi. Kids and animals (and myself) running crazy every which way I look.

Words of wisdom, anyone? I'm all ears.

Tomorrow is Saturday. Lets rejoice.

With love,
Mama Hauck

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello Preschool!

Molly had her first day of Preschool yesterday! Gosh, she's getting so big! Sweet little girl, she was so excited and all smiles! Unfortunately, Papa couldn't be there to see her off for her first day, so I had to set up my tripod in order to get some photos with her. She loves her little owl backpack she got for her birthday from Mama and Papa, and I even gave her a little Brave Rock like I did for Anthony. When I was done taking photos, Anthony goes, "Mama! You didn't take any of Molly with ME!" So out came the camera again and I got some sweet shots of him hugging her and giving her some encouraging words.

When we got to the preschool, I took a photo of Mols in front of the new Learning Ladder sign. Then it was time to head in! She was proud of her "homework" and couldn't wait to show it off to Mrs. Williams. We all had to trace our hands and then decorate them. We did Timothy's foot though....it's hard to open their little hands up, let alone keep it open flat to trace it! We then found her cubby and hung up her coat and backpack before finding her name card and placing it in a slot on the wall to show she was in attendance. One more photo of Mols and Mama (courtesy of the teacher) followed with a hug and kiss, and then Anthony, Timothy, and I were on our way with hardly a second glance from Molly!

I have to say it was much easier to take Molly to preschool and leave her than it was when I did the same last year (well....and this year too) with Anthony. I know the routine, know the teachers and I trust them. And Mols was VERY READY to go to preschool, she watched Anthony go all the time and of course little sister wants to be like big brother! Anthony, on the other hand, never had any exposure to what school was all about. So all in all I think it made it easier to cope with. I think the first is always the hardest? And everyone after that maybe not so hard?

11 rolled around and it was time to get a move on to pick her up. Dismissal is at 11:30 and it takes me about 20 minutes or so to drive to town. When I got there they were doing story time, so I snapped a few photos. Then the kids were dismissed to all the parents waiting in the hallway one by one. Molly acted so proud of herself when she came out! The whole car ride home I tried getting her to talk about what she did. She told me she played outside and ate a snack, but wouldn't say anything more. She was more concerned about digging through the little goodie bag she had gotten. Anthony was the same way....wouldn't tell me much. What's with these kiddos? Not wanting to talk about school! Guess they're too cool and grown up now to tell their Mama all about their days. I hear that's common though, one of my gal pals told me her daughter said, "I don't want to talk about it." HAHA!

I'm so proud of you Molly! What a big girl going to preschool! I'm excited to watch you learn and grow. 

With love,
Mama Hauck

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy 4 Months!

Happy 4 months my little Timothy Thomas. You bring so much sunshine and joy to my life!

With love,
Mama Hauck

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Speedsters!

Anthony had his very first soccer game yesterday at 9am! We were all so excited for him!

He and his team mates (they're called the Speedsters! lol) put on their jerseys (Anthony is #7!) and their game faces and got out on the field! Anthony started out feeling really shy and timid, not really participating much and hanging back from the group. But after a pep talk from Mama, he got into it and did really great!

It was so fun watching all the kids have a good time. The parents were all on the sidelines cheering on their kids and the team as a whole. It was my first experience being a part of a team like this, and I have to say, I was pumped! Hooting and hollering and yelling Anthony's name! Boy was it fun. We're not suppose to keep score because in kiddo soccer there's no winners or non-winners......but we "won" 9-1! ;) And Anthony scored 2 of those goals! AHHH! We are so PROUD of him! 

It was a really, really fantastic experience and Anthony came off the field beaming. The kids all played great and showed great sportsmanship towards each other and the other team with lots of "good jobs" and high-fives. They're such a nice group of youngsters.

After the game, all the kids got a snack from one of the other Mamas. One of the gals on the team came up to Anthony and asked him to sit in the grass with her and eat their snacks together. Ohh gosh it was so sweet and brought a smile to my face. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my little man out and about with friends having a good time. I'm such a proud soccer Mama! 

With love,
Mama Hauck