Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Daddy's Visit

Still trying to play catch up from the end of June! ;) 

If you've been reading recently, then you know my dad was visiting us from NY for two weeks. He was here June 23rd till July 8th and we had a great time with him here! 

We picked him up from the airport and then went to OMSI. It's an interactive discovery museum in Portland, OR. The kids had a super time. It's a place we'll definitely take the kids back to again.

There were a few projects that we worked on (more detailed post about all those coming later!).

There was tons of outdoor play time. The kids really enjoyed playing frisbee and baseball with Grandpa. And it was an extra treat to break out Papa's guns and do some shooting as well as work with the new little bow and arrow set we got. We also built a horseshoe pit!

We ate out a hand full of times. DQ, McDonalds, Mexican, Spookys, Sodbusters, and Buffalo Wild Wings. I had a black cherry mojito at Buffalo Wild Wings and it was delicious!!

Of course the kiddo's had nice birthdays and a killer birthday party! That's WAY too many photos to upload, so read all about that HERE.

We took a trip to Whidbey Island over the 4th of July to visit family there. We went to the beach, the kids went to their first ever parade, we were able to meet up with some friends and we saw a whole bunch of family (though no photos were taken of the family gathering for dinner because I was too busy keeping grumpy Timothy happy and chatting with the family....I fail, I know it!!). Everyone got to meet Timothy and it was really nice to be back on the Island for a few days. 

Before my dad left, we took some group photos and I think they turned out fantastic!

We really enjoyed my dad's visit and miss him already.

With love,
Mama Hauck