Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Year Complete

Anthony on his first day of Preschool, September 11th 2011:

Anthony on his last day of Preschool, May 25th, 2012:

My mother had been taking Anthony to and from school the past 6 weeks to give me a break pre and post baby. However, because it was Anth's last day, I just had to go and pick him up! :)

We then went out to pizza as a special "Hoorah!" for Anth's last day. One of his classmates, Charlotte, along with her little sister and grandma joined us. Everyone had a great time and it was nice for me to get out of the house!

I'm so proud of you Anthony! You've completed your first year of school! It's a joy watching you grow and learn. You are so very smart and kind hearted. Kindergarten this fall will hold a whole new world of adventures for you! I love you.

With love,
Mama Hauck

Monday, May 28, 2012

Timothy's NB Photo Shoot

I did Timothy's newborn photos on his original due date, May 20th, 2012. He is such a little lovey and makes my heart melt. <3 

With love,
Mama Hauck

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hello There Bowflex!

It's been 10 months since I've been able to use my Bowflex and my back and shoulders have definitely suffered. I'm really looking forward to starting my routine back up (tomorrow!!) to keep my back pain in check (if you recall, caused by my scoliosis). Last year, due to my lovely Bowflex machine, was the first year I knew what it was like to live without back and shoulder pain since middle school. It was fantastic. I would have kept up a mild exercise routine during my pregnancy had I not been experiencing my bleeding complications. 

I always say that having a baby is the fastest way to loose 10+ pounds! Haha ;) Loosing that initial baby and water weight is typically easy. It's those last pounds that can be difficult. Not to mention trying to wait patiently for all the stretched out skin to tighten back up. With Anthony and Molly it took me about a year to get back to where I was pre-pregnancy....but I also didn't really do anything to try to loose the weight. I've been pleasantly surprised this time around with how quickly things have shrunk back down and how quickly I've lost a fair amount of baby weight. I gained the same amount of weight as I did with Anth and Mols, though I don't feel like I got as big belly wise this time (and no new stretch marks! Hooray!). Is breastfeeding the trick to faster weight loss?

Not only will using my Bowflex help with my back pain, but it will help do the job of getting my body back to where it was pre-pregnancy. I don't think there is a Mama out there that doesn't want that!

Here are my weight stats:

Pre-pregnancy weight: 98
Final pregnancy weight (05-11-12): 123
Total pregnancy weight gain: 25lbs

Weight 1 week postpartum (05-18-12): 111
Weight 2 weeks postpartum (05-25-12): 106

I meant to take a photo of my postpartum belly during the first week, but you know, I was a little too busy, lol. So here is a photo of my postpartum belly 2 weeks out (please excuse the poor self shot photos in my dirty mirror!):

Wish me luck! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little Mama

The other day we heard Molly in her bedroom talking to herself. Some time had passed and we realized we didn't hear her anymore, so Sammy got up to check on her and this is what he found....

My sweetie pie passed out in bed with her baby doll! Ohh gosh, she's so dang cute!! She loves to take care of her baby dolls like I take care of Timothy. She's also a huge help to me when I need her to be. Always wanting to help me change Timothy's diapers and ohhing and ahhing over every little noise he makes. She is a super sweet little Mama!

With love,
Mama Hauck

Monday, May 21, 2012

Timothy Thomas Home Birth Story


There were many, many photos I would like to have shared of Timothy's home birth, but since my blog is public, I'm keeping the photos pg. 

For the most part the birth plan I had done up for Timothy's home birth was pretty spot on. (If you haven't read it yet and would like to, go HERE). It was beautiful out so I was able to predominately labor outside like I had wanted which made me very happy! I walked for the majority of my labor and found that the walking and other constant movement (such as swaying my hips back and forth with each contraction) helped me deal with the pain of my contractions. Everyone who was there for Timothy's birth followed their roll perfectly. Sam and my mother were really attentive to the kids and did well at anticipating my needs and offering me encouragement and comfort. My Midwife, Lorri, and the Student Midwife, Adria, were the quiet force in the background. They didn't hover and weren't in my face. They allowed me to labor how I wished and just let me do my thing. They were hands off (though still very present) unless I needed them and that was EXACTLY what I had wanted. It was fantastic.

I do have to laugh a little though because that play list I spent so much time putting together never even got turned on. Nor did I care to light my favorite root beer candle....something I had been excited to do! My friend was never able to make it to Timothy's birth, but she did send me encouraging messages. I wound up delivering the placenta in the birthing tub and wound up keeping it too. It's currently in my freezer and I'm thinking I just might go ahead and bury it underneath a plant or something. I also didn't eat any home made mac and cheese after Timothy's birth like I had wanted. We never took it out of the freezer to thaw. ;) In the end the things that mattered most such as delivering in the birthing tub and having my labor and Timothy's birth be natural and med free were all that mattered. I doubt I'll look back and think, "Man! If only I had turned on my playlist!" LOL


Timothy's all natural, med free, home water birth:

Sam's alarm went off for work at 4:30 am the morning of Friday May 11th. I had actually already been awake and just laying there in bed. I was feeling ill and uncomfortable and couldn't sleep and just felt blah. For the past couple days I had been crampy and just overall exhausted and blah feeling, so feeling ill Friday morning wasn't anything new and didn't spark any suspicions. I decided to just get up and take a shower in the hopes it would make me feel a little better. Sam left for work at 5am and I managed to lay back down and fall asleep. I woke up in time to see my mom and the kids off at 8:30am. She was taking Anthony to school and Molly to the library. I relaxed on the couch and ate some cantaloup....then I proceeded to throw it all back up! It was then that I said to myself, "I think I'm going to have a baby today!" Haha....For some reason I just felt so sure that it was going to be Baby Day after I threw up all my breakfast.

At about 10:30am I went and layed back down and didn't wake up until 2pm. As I was waking up, I realized I was having a light contraction. I rolled out of bed and out to the living room. My mom and the kids had gotten home sometime during my nap and were taking a nap themselves. I walked around the house a bit, drank some water, then settled down on the couch to see if my light contractions would stick around and pick up as I wasted time on the computer. My mom woke up from her nap at about 3:30pm and we pretty much giggled like crazies when I told her I had been having light contractions that I figured out were coming anywhere from 8-12 minutes apart.

At 4:20pm I called Sam's work with the intention of telling him he should think about coming home early. However, when I called I got one of his co-workers on the phone and he informed me Sam had already left for the day. I laughed and said that was a good thing because I was fairly certain I was in the beginning stages of labor and it was Baby Day!  I woke the kids up from their naps and decided that when Sam got home, we'd go for a walk to really get my contractions going! No sooner had we all gotten outside, Sam came pulling into the drive and we all started out on our walk at 4:45pm.

While out on our walk, my contractions became a bit stronger, yet still very bearable as I could walk, talk, and smile through them. They were still irregular, coming anywhere from 5-8 minutes apart. It was gorgeous out and I am so thankful the weather was nice for me because it was a big part of my birth plan to be able to labor outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

We made it back to the house come 5:20pm and I thought it a good idea to call my Midwife and give her a heads up about my contractions. I know she's a busy woman and she could be 3 minutes away at her home, or 2 hours away at a clinic or with another client. Turns out it was a great idea to call because she was a few hours away in Yakima. She told me she'd be on her way shortly and would call up and send the Student Midwife, Adria, over. Adria had about an hour and a half drive from where she lives. Feeling more comfortable after placing my phone call, I settled down on the couch to relax for a while and eat a fruit smoothie. I was starving, but too excited to really eat much. I putzed around the house for awhile doing little things like prepping my bed and some tidying up.

At 6 my contractions had become regular and timeable, coming every 4 minutes and lasting a good 45 seconds to a full minute. I decided to get up and go for another walk to help with the pain. Not only is walking a good way to help alleviate the pains of labor, but it is a good way to help pass the time, keep things moving along, and get some fresh air.  Sam walked with me for a bit and then my mom walked with me for awhile. At this point I could no longer walk or talk through my contractions. Instead I would stop and sway my hips back and forth. For me, doing that really helped me get through the pain of each contraction. I walked for a long time. It was too nice out to be inside and I loved taking this time to enjoy the quiet of outside and my own thoughts.

Adria arrived at about 7:45pm and I decided I would then head inside. Once Adria showed up, it was time to get down to business. Molly helped her get out and set things up like putting Timothy's receiving blankets on the heating pad. It was so sweet watching her help and hearing her ask questions about what was going on. She was soooo excited when we explained to her that Mama was going to have Baby Timothy! The grin on her face was huge! Anthony was equally excited, though acted more reserved. He was content with playing legos with Papa and getting in that one on one time with him.

Once Adria finished setting up what she needed to, we all just settled in and continued to play the waiting game. Adria took my stats and kept an eye on my contractions which were now 3 minutes apart and getting continuously more painful. I continued to have to stop and sway my hips back and forth with each contraction. I found it also helped to hold my belly and close my eyes and concentrate on breathing through the contraction. I did my best to keep loose and not tense up...something that's hard for me to do when in pain. Doing these things kept me calm and the pain bearable. Every once in a while I would stop and think, "Holy crap! I'm in labor and this is really going to happen tonight!" During this time I sent off a few texts to my friend whom I had wanted to be there with me to attend the birth, but she wasn't able to make it. She did however send me some encouraging words and it made me smile. :) Grandma was watching the kids and taking photos and Papa was also watching the kids as well as getting things ready to start filling up the tub once I gave them the go ahead to do so. Adria was so sweet, she sat down and colored with Anthony and Molly to help keep them preoccupied while I continued to labor in the living room. What a fantastic Student Midwife! I was really glad to have Adria there and I have no doubts she will make a fantastic Midwife one day.

At 8:45pm my contractions became excruciating. They were 2 minutes apart now. That dreaded transition phase of labor was quickly creeping up on me. I moved myself to behind a large chair in my living room so I could lean myself forward and grip something as I continued to sway my hips. The pain was intense. Like eyes rolling in the back of your head, toes curling, whole body convulsing pain. But I was doing it! It felt really empowering to know I was laboring at home, with no meds or interventions what so ever. I was relying on nothing but my own strength and the support of my family and Midwife/Student Midwife. Sam helped as best he could with my pain by applying counter pressure on my back with each contraction.....until remember that fruit smoothie I ate earlier? Yeah, it was all coming back up! Gross. Sam had to rush to get me a puke bowl. Ohh it was horrible! Puking while having a contraction, haha! NOT fun. But being nauseous didn't surprise me. I was ill throughout Anthony's labor (though not Molly's) so I was prepared to feel the same this time too. Definitely could have done without that puking episode, but once it was done I was good to go.

Right after puking, I decided it was now time to start filling up the birth tub! There was no more waiting. Adria took over applying counter pressure to my back while Sam, my mom, and the kids filled the tub. The kids got a kick out of that. They absolutely loved being able to help do something for Mama. It was so sweet! They took it pretty serious too, concentrating on holding the hose in the water and not spilling any.

During this time my Midwife, Lorri, showed up. I was glad to see her because I knew I was quickly approaching baby time. Every muscle in my body was screaming. She quickly began to get out and organize her things. Anthony was more inquisitive now, watching Lorri and asking questions. I was really impressed with how well behaved the kids were and how inquisitive and into helping out they were. It truly warmed my heart to have them there and participating in their brother's birth!

My water broke at 9:17pm with an insanely intense contraction. Feeling your water break is really cool. I think so anyway! It's just like a water balloon popping. Good thing I was standing over an area rug. ;) The contraction that broke my water was the most painful I had experienced yet. It took my breath away and I couldn't help but throw my head back, curl my toes, and writhe around in pain. I'm sure the look on my face wasn't a pretty one at that point. It was hard to concentrate on keeping calm and collected, but I did my best to continue breathing. I found myself giving me a pep talk in my mind about how I was so close to having Timothy and how incredible it was to just let my body take over and do what it knows to do. Once my water broke I knew Timothy was right there and a surge of excitement ran through me! Adria helped me kick off my shorts and take off my tank top. I was going to do one more contraction behind the chair, but I all of a sudden felt this intense urge to get in the tub NOW. I swear I ran to it, haha.

It was 9:20pm when I hopped in and let me tell you it was SO DAMN NICE to get into that birth tub!! The warm water felt incredible and took the edge off my contractions, allowing me the ability to really concentrate on breathing and pushing. Good thing too because there was no stopping that strong urge to push that was suddenly upon me! I began pushing at 9:25pm. It felt wonderful to actually push and DO something with each contraction instead of just getting through one. I leaned myself back against the side of the birthing tub, closed my eyes and pushed once. I then had the urge to flip onto my hands and knees and I pushed once in that position. I then flipped back and leaned against the birthing tub wall again. Adria took the fetal doppler and checked Timothy's heart beat to make sure all was well. After that third push I reached down and felt Timothy's head. I can't explain to you how exciting and invigorating that was. Feeling his head gave me a new found burst of energy. It helps you keep your head in the game when you know your body is working and doing it's job. I remember I looked up at everyone and exclaimed, "I feel his head!" Lorri then told Sam to get ready and helped him with his hand placement. I pushed a forth time and out came Timothy's whole head. Lorri helped Sam check for a cord around his neck, but all was clear. One final contraction and push and Timothy came out right into Sam's hands at 9:29pm. It was amazing, just so amazing! I can't even begin to tell you how incredible his birth was. My heart instantly swelled with love and bliss ran through my body. I just gave birth to my third child at home. All natural, no meds, no interventions. Me. All me. I did that. Wow!! 

Sam immediately handed Timothy to me and I tried to place him high on my chest, but it turns out that his umbilical cord was extremely short and he wouldn't reach. I didn't realize cords could vary in length, but they do. Timothy's just happened to be very short. So instead of being placed on my chest, he was placed on my belly and that's where he stayed while everyone marveled at him and Lorri monitored him. There was no need to take him from me. Everything Lorri needed to see or do she did with him right there on me with minimal distraction to us. His Apgar scores were 8 at 1 minute, and 9 at 5 minutes. Timothy was so quiet, calm, and alert. He kept opening his eyes and looking right at me while I talked to him and told him he was beautiful. :) I think that's when I started to cry. You always wonder if your heart has enough room to love another child. I can assure you there is always room. There is always more love to give. I thought my heart was going to burst from all the love I felt at that moment.

Anthony and Molly were so excited and so sweet. Molly at one point came over and placed her hand on my shoulder while she looked at, smiled, and  oohhh'd and ahhh'd at Timothy. Then Anthony came over to give me a kiss and meet his brother. I think they were both stunned and amazed to see this baby once inside Mama's belly now out and looking around! It was a really special moment for me to see them marvel over Timothy. Sam was right there next to me the whole time, looking at the little lovey we had created.

My original plan was to get out of the tub and into bed to deliver the placenta. I didn't think I wanted to sit in the tub with all the birth material. However, due to Timothy's cord being so short, it wasn't safe to do that. Doing so ran the risk of pulling on the cord. And as it turns out, I wasn't thinking about sitting in a tub with floating birth material, all I was thinking about was my perfect newborn baby boy looking up at me. 

With Anthony and Molly, I remember the placenta being delivered rather quickly. This time though it seemed to be taking forever. I was having the contractions to deliver the placenta, but was finding it difficult to push because I was uncomfortable trying to keep myself up in the tub. My legs were on fire from squatting and I couldn't concentrate on keeping myself up, holding Timothy with his short cord, and pushing! Eventually we had to find a plastic container for me to sit on so I could sit and be more comfortable. Doing so also allowed me to reach Timothy up high enough to nurse him for the first time 48 minutes after his birth at 10:17pm. It was wonderful! He latched on like a little pro and it just about made me cry. Doing this also helped spur on more contractions and I was finally able to deliver the placenta 50 minutes after Timothy's birth at 10:19pm.

After delivering the placenta, we moved to the bed where I could recline and be more comfortable. Lorri practices delayed cord cutting. This is where you wait for the cord to stop pulsating before cutting it. It allows the placenta and cord the opportunity to give ALL it's nutrients and blood to baby. After being left intact for 88 minutes, Lorri instructed Sam on how to clamp and cut it close to the placenta at 10:57pm (they later cut it closer to his belly after his newborn exam). Lorri performed my postpartum exam and all was well. I can say though that those after birth cramps hurt like a bitch! They hurt far more than they had with Anthony and Molly. I was exhausted from Timothy's birth and the after cramps were actually making me feel ill and nauseous. Boo. It was hard for me to eat much afterwards, though I tried. Let me tell you come the next morning I was simply STARVING and ate anything I could get my hands on, haha.

Timothy then had his newborn exam. His stats were as follows:

Gestational age: 39 completed weeks
Weight: 6lbs 8oz
Length: 19"
Head circumference: 33.5 cm
Chest circumference: 32 cm
HR: 130's with no murmur heard
Respirations: 40 with clear lungs
Very short 3 vessel cord
Full range of motion with no hip clicks, extremities symmetrical, all reflexes normal, excellent muscle tone, skin smooth and pink without birthmarks, spine straight
Sacral dimple noted
Vitamin K administered to left thigh, eye cream to both eyes, no Hep B Vaccine

After his examination, Lorri and Adria did their paper work and examined my placenta. This was particularly important to me. If you've been following my blog since the beginning of my pregnancy, then you'd know the struggles I had in the beginning with bleeding and how fearful I was that I would miscarry. Up until my 24th week of pregnancy I had bleeding that ranged from light to extremely heavy (sometimes passing clots), that would come and go, sometimes lasting for days. Just when I thought my bleeding was done and gone for good, it would come back. In the beginning it was feared I would miscarry. I had one local Dr. scare me with such pessimism, I refused to go back to her. Luckily Lorri was much more optimistic and showed me much comfort in this difficult time. Timothy was also a strong little one and always held on. It was hard for me to deal with the bleeding and put the fears of miscarriage out of my head, but I just had to trust that all would be well. It was the only way I could enjoy my pregnancy. All the bleeding we later found out through ultrasound was from a subchorionic hematoma. For more information on this, you can check out a page I found helpful by clicking HERE

After examining the placenta, Lorri called Sam and I into the bathroom to show us. We both know what a normal, healthy placenta looks like, we saw Anthony and Molly's. This one, however, was NOT healthy and normal. It was covered in scar tissue and calcifications and had pieces just hanging on by a thread. It was ugly and so far from healthy. How it supplied Timothy with everything he needed is beyond me. As soon as Lorri showed me I started crying. I truly feel like it is a miracle that Timothy is here. He is SUPPOSE to be here. Not only did we get pregnant within days of having my IUD removed (proof enough to me that Timothy was meant to be mine!), but we dealt with bleeding from the subchorionic hematoma for 24 weeks which ultimately resulted in the battle torn placenta that I can't believe sustained Timothy. The placenta was so beat up that a few days after Timothy's birth I passed a good sized piece of placenta that had broken off and was left for my body to expel. I can't think of any other reason Timothy is here other than he was simply meant to be.

Welcome to the world Timothy Thomas Hauck!! You were very much wanted. Very much meant to be mine. And you are very much loved. <3

Here are a few of Timothy's NB photos (9 days old), done by myself on his original due date, 05-20-12.

With love,
Mama Hauck