Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day on the Hauck Homestead 2012

Christmas morning started out at 5am for Sammy and I. We got up, got showered, then got to work making a few quiche to go along with our homemade blueberry muffins and banana bread for our Christmas breakfast. I was impressed we were able to get all this done while the kids still slept. Timothy was the first one to wake and after getting him changed and dressed, he promptly made his way to the tree and started playing with his toys like he knew all along that it was FINALLY Christmas morning and I wouldn't shooo him away from the tree anymore. Such a clever boy for it being his first Christmas!

Shortly after hearing Timothy banging away on his little piano, Anthony and Molly woke up. They were so excited to see the gifts from Santa sitting on the couch! Anthony got micro chargers, Molly got a really realistic looking baby doll, complete with some clothes and two bottles, and Timothy got some squishy blocks.  After scooping out Santa's gifts, Sam showed the kids Sant's note to them and all the eaten treats! They giggled and asked about the reindeer food out in the yard. I told them we looked and it was all gone! 

Then it was time to dig in to all the gifts under the tree! We turned on Christmas music on the TV and got to it. The kids had a good time, though it was tough for them to be patient and take turns, lol. We took our time and enjoyed the process. Timothy loved helping to rip off the wrapping paper and entertained himself with torn off paper, bows, and his toys strewn all across the floor. The kids got a lot of great gifts and we are very thankful for gifts sent by family members!! Some of the gifts Anthony got include a homemade lego table, legos, bath stuff and smell goods, toss-a-cross game, a big 'ol navy boat, a Christmas ornament, some games, and much more. Some of the gifts Molly got include bath stuff and smell goods, a Christmas ornament a travel sleeping bag, books, a horse barn, a pretty doll, a new purse, and much more. Timothy got lots of cute toys, a book, a baby's first Christmas ornament, a new outfit and much more. Mama got some slippers, and Papa got a slot car track!

After opening up gifts, we chowed down. The two quiche turned out great and were mighty delicious! The kids even liked it. I pretty much ate a whole quiche myself and devoured 6 blueberry muffins throughout the day. Ha

After breakfast we did our stockings. It's a tradition in our home to fill stockings with lots of treats! The kids love getting candy, crackers, beef sticks, and other random goodies. We also put in small things like toothpaste and chap-stick and other things like that. This year we got them their own personal freezer boo-boo packs for scraped knees and such. That was a hit! Why even that very day Molly pretended to get a boo-boo just so she could use her freezer pack. Too funny! Timothy's stocking held some sensory bottles Papa and the kids helped me make. He loves them, homemade success! 

The rest of the day was spent opening toy packages, cleaning, organizing, and LOTS of playing!

We ended Christmas with big 'ol bowls of homemade clam chowder and lots of relaxation and snuggles on the couch.  

What a fantastic Christmas we had!

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Sounds lovely! Our Christmas involved a lot of driving and I would love to spend the whole day at home next year.

  2. Yes! We love staying home for Christmas. I'm not a fan of all the running around. You totally should next year!!


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