Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Trip 2012

Hmmmm, it's now December and I've yet to even talk about how our trip to my mom's in CA and Thanksgiving was! Why does time always seem to pass so quickly??

We got to my Mom's on Friday the 16th after an 11 hour drive. We left at 4:30 in the morning and got there about 3:30ish. The drive went great and the kids behaved well.....up until the last 2 hours or so. It's always so hard to be patient when you've been in the car for so long and you know you're getting close! The whole time I kept thinking, "This time last year I had a baby in my belly. Now he's 6 months old!" Isn't it funny how much can change in a year?

On Saturday our good friend and Timothy's Godfather, Nick, drove over from Sacramento to visit us with his two children. This was their first time seeing Timothy and it was a nice visit. That is, other than the pukes Timothy got that afternoon.  :( Poor boy threw up a hand full of times over the course of 5 or so hours. It was his very first time being ill with the pukies and it broke my heart. Luckily it was a short lived thing and after cuddling with Grandma and a nice bath, he was feeling much better....just in time for bed!

Sunday my mom, sister, the kiddos, and I headed to the mall. All the pants I bought for Anthony over the summer no longer fit (growing much!?) so he was in dire need of new ones. JCPenny thankfully fulfilled all our growing boy needs. That night we had a mini Christmas and we all got to open one gift. Hooray!  

Monday we took a surprise overnight trip to Yosemite National Park. It was great!! Sammy and I were able to go off a few times, each with a camera, and enjoy some alone time. The kids had a good time as well and delighted in visiting "Nature's Playground" as Sammy called it, lol. We had been there less than an hour and we had already seen a few coyotes hunting in a field! We saw some deer as well, including a big buck I spotted on the side of the road. At one point, two deer came down a hill and crossed the stream right in front of us where we were taking photos. Yosemite Park was beautiful and we got very lucky with wonderful sunny weather. We took a quick trip to Hetch Hetchy Dam on our way home on Tuesday.

Wednesday morning we lounged around and played. That afternoon we went to visit one of my mom's friends, Betty Ann. She likes to spoil the kids with gifts whenever we visit and for holidays as she has no grandchildren of her own. I happily allow her to do so. :) After opening gifts, Betty Ann treated us all out to lunch. I had ricotta filled ravioli and it was delicious! 

Thanksgiving was awesome! Sam was in charge of the ham outside on the grill and inside, the kitchen was smelling mighty delicious. We watched the parade in the morning and snacked our way through the day. The kiddos frolicked around outside, having a grand 'ol time. Later, company arrived and we all enjoyed a great Thanksgiving feast, followed with dessert! Afterwards, we continued our mini Christmas for the kids and opened up more gifts.

Friday we did a little more shopping. :) This time Sam came with us. We hit up Target where I was able to get a few much needed sweaters and then Old Navy where I got some long sleeved shirts. We went to another mall where we got Anthony a new pair of shoes and then we capped off the day by going to a well known and liked Mexican market in the area. 

Saturday was our last day there and we spent it at Six Flags! Whoop! That was my first time at an amusement park since the summer before I became pregnant with Anthony. We had a GREAT time!! Sammy and I went off with my sister and her boyfriend and rode a handful of roller coasters (LOVE roller coasters!!! SO fun!) before returning to the kids (because I missed them so!...and they were more than happy to see us too!) and riding the kiddie rides with them. Oh my was that great! It was wonderful for Sam and I to have time to ourselves, but in all honesty, I enjoyed being with the kids even more. Watching Anthony and Molly's faces while on the tea cups just made my day. They had so much fun and it makes me the happiest Mama in the world to see them enjoying life. That day reminded me of all the times my mom and dad took my siblings and I to Six Flags and The Great Escape. We went to Disney World too in 2000. What a pain in the ass it must have been to load us all up and make those trips, but ahhhhh.....what FUN we had. We were carefree....just enjoying life at that very moment. Soaking up the sun and laughing like fools. I'm thankful for those memories. And now I'm thankful for the ones Sammy and I get to create with our children.

Sunday morning saw our departure at 6. It's sad to get back on the road, but it's always nice coming home.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. I love Yosemite, I only live about an hour from there but we never go! I keep telling Tim I want to get the kids there while there is snow but apparently he's not a big snow fan, lol.

  2. Pukies? No!!!! Love the pics - glad you had a great trip. I also, LOVE JC Penny when I'm in need of a few items!!!!!


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