Friday, November 30, 2012

The Crazies Happen When Papa Leaves

What a week this has been! I tell ya....every time Sammy heads out of town, my life goes bonkers.

Molly got the barfs on Wednesday at 2 in the morning. That was awesome. She was ill all day and had a fever towards the evening.  Luckily she was better by Thursday morning and could go to school. 

Also Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, there was a horse issue. I kept hearing Nik neighing off and on for HOURS. At first I was like, "Crazy horse....shut up."  I got up a few times to peek out my bedroom window each time his neighing woke me up to see if I could see anything that might be bugging him, but I didn't see anything. It was dark and all I could see was the barn lights and fog everywhere and it just made everything feel eery. So then I was like, "Is there someone out there? Is he warning me? Should I grab my gun????" Ugh. Hate it when the fog makes happy thoughts turn into crazy someones gonna get me thoughts. And just as I was letting my imagination go wild, I saw it. A horse. Right by the front porch. This made me think "Oh crap......Nik got out somehow and has been happily frolicking around the yard and that's why he's neighing so much. Happy neighs. Screw it. I'm not catching him at 3 in the morning. He can roam free." But wait! Another horse appears. Ok, so not Nik. It's the neighbor's horses. And I'm like, "Bleep bleep bleeping horses!!!! Stupid bleeping neighbor down the road and her stupid bleeping horses always getting out of their freaking bleeping corral and coming into my bleeping yard to bug my horse and poop in my yard and tare up my bleeping grass. GRRRRRRR!!" And then I went back to bed because what was there to do at 3 in the morning? Nothing. Guess they'll just have to bug my horse and get him all in a tizzy. They were still out there (3 of them now) when I went to feed Nik in the morning and I tried to chase them off, but clearly I was out numbered and they just went around me. Nik was not happy at all. He was all pissy pants with them around and I was pissy pants that the neighbor's horses were out.....still.....in my yard. It's not free range up here. I love horses and all, but I don't want a bunch of random horses annoying my horse all night which in turn keeps me awake, messing up my yard, and creating a kick and trample hazard to my animals and children. Maybe if the neighbor lady weren't such a horrible horse owner and cleaned up her barn and had an adequate fence to keep her horses in, her horses would want to stay home, lol!! Eventually the horses ran off in the direction of home and I can only hope the neighbor lady gets her act together. 


Thursday the roads were really icy. This created a problem. I sat down at the bus stop with all the kids loaded up in the car for 30 minutes along with all the other parents thinking, "Ok....the bus will come any minute now. Yup, any minute now." It didn't come. The bus garage called me and said, "The bus is unable to make it out to you." Mmmmmmk. So I had to drive Anthony to school. I also took my friend's daughter. The roads were icy, but no where near "the bus is unable to make it out to you" icy. Annoying. What's going to happen when the snow falls? Because I had to drive Anthony in, I wasn't able to go back home and finish getting Molly ready for preschool like I usually do. I had to go straight to preschool because I live so far out of town. UGH. I didn't brush her hair. I didn't brush her teeth. She didn't even get breakfast. She didn't have her coat and she didn't have her backpack. It was just by chance that I was all ready, complete with blow-dried hair. I got her to preschool and had to wait for 15 minutes before the teacher got there. Then I had to explain Molly was starving and looking like a ragamuffin for stupid icy roads/bus reasons. *sigh*

Also on Thursday, look at this.....

That's right! I swear any day now and he'll be crawling. I'm excited. He's a pro at his little baby push ups. He's doing the classic rocky-rockies on his hands and knees. And he scoots himself backwards all over our wood floors. Yup. Any day now and he'll move on forward!!

Today I took Timothy to his 6 month well baby exam. He's 15lbs, 12 oz and 26 1/4 inches tall. He got his immunizations and has since been an unhappy camper. Poor little thing. He might need to snuggle in bed with me tonight.

Tomorrow is Saturday and Papa comes home. I don't dig this "single Mama" shindig very much. Especially when there are sick kiddos and crazy crap happens.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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