Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Halloween Recap

Last Saturday night we did Trunk or Treat down main street in town. Usually this is lots of fun, but it was nothing but a washout this year. It was cold and rainy and blah. We made it about half way when poor Molly turned to Sam and said she didn't want any more candy because she was too cold! We really need to invest in some umbrellas! Anthony was Iron Man, Mols was a tutu princess, Timothy wore a fluffy bear winter outfit and I went as "tired country Mama".....in other words, sweats, sweatshirt, and cowboy boots. Not too much of a stretch from my everyday! HA!

After our rainy Trunk or Treat experience, we headed over to our friends Kurt and Tracie's place. Ohhhh it was so nice and warm and SPOOKY! Tracie's Halloween decorations were awesome and her food spread was delicious. We made ourselves at home and got right to eating, lol. We stuffed our bellies, had a few drinks, watched some movies, and chummed it up. I think it was about 11 before we headed home. Such a nice, toasty ending to an otherwise wet day!

Sunday morning we carved some pumpkins while Timothy napped and then set them all up outside next to the couple we had already done at our carving party on the 21st. Anthony and Molly got a kick out of carving, they always do, but they're not a fan of all the pumpkin guts. I don't blame them....I don't like the pumpkin guts either!

After Timothy woke up, I helped him carve his very first pumpkin! He was really into it!

With pumpkin carving complete, we headed outside for our first bonfire of the year! We roasted marsh mellows, I did a mini photo shoot with Timothy, then the kiddos helped Sam spread out hay over that area of the yard to help with grass growing come Spring time. We definitely love a good bonfire and mallow roast!

To cap off the night, we watched a movie and had some popcorn! YUM! Then we lit our pumpkins and enjoyed the pumpkin glow!

On actual Halloween, I was going to take the kids to the library for story time, but decided to take them to see Papa at work instead! I put their costumes on and we made the beautiful drive out to visit Papa for lunch! It was a fun visit! We ate, took a few pics, and stayed for a bit. On the way home I was able to take some photos. Definitely made Mama happy!

That night, Molly's dance studio was holding a kid carnival/haunted house. Because we do the Trunk or Treat, we don't do trick or treating on Halloween night.....so the kid carnival was a great way to get out of the house and have the kids do something fun on Halloween! We were the first ones there, and I'm glad. The kids were able to take their time and play games without having to wait around or be rushed by other kids. They had a great time and won lots of little prizes! 

And that's the Halloween recap! 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. So many activities! Looks like a blast!:)

  2. So many fun things! As always, I love the pictures!

  3. Sorry to hear Hallowen trunk or treating was a washout but it looks like you guys were able to make up for it. I love these family pics, it's the next best thing to being there. God Timothy is just adorable, and I don't say that about babies often. Okay, well maybe more than I'll admit to lol.

  4. How can you NOT have fun with candy, pumpkins, costumes, bonfires, etc. etc.?? ;)


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