Saturday, November 3, 2012

Self Pride

Anthony received his very first trophy at his soccer banquet the other night! He was very proud of himself. He has it displayed on his dresser next to his soccer photos. His Papa and I are very proud of him, but it's the self pride that matters most.

Love you little man. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. So cute! I can't wait to get Calvin in some sports, he is dying to play baseball and asks almost every day when it's going to be time.

  2. I was at a plastic model contest last weekend and I was thinking the same thing. A couple kids won awards for some models they had built and all I could see was the look on their faces. What a confidence builder for kids, regardless what they're involved in, to know they're excelling and being recognized for it. It made me feel so good to see those kids and I have the same feeling looking at this picture of Anthony, you can see it in his face. I'm so happy for him.

  3. Baseball! Fantastic! Too bad he has to wait till spring! Ahh! How hard it is to be patient! lol

    How amazing it is to watch a child's face light up with self pride!


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