Friday, October 19, 2012

Time Out

This week has been exhausting. Not in the physical sense (though I am tired....), but in the mental and emotional sense. I feel like I need to take a deep breath and freaken chill. There's been a lot of naughty and outrageous fits going on in this household recently and I'm trying my very best to cope with them and take care of them in a way that doesn't involve yelling, spanking, and threats....because that doesn't work.

Has school corrupted my children, or is it just the age? Because the attitudes I have been witnessing recently are just out of this world.

Please just give me all the answers.

I am trying SO HARD to keep my cool and roll with the punches. But when you have the baby screaming bloody murder for whatever reason, your preschooler had an accident in her pants and smeared it all over the potty, and your kindergartner is collapsing in a fit on the floor because he doesn't want to eat the dinner you cooked (all of this going on at the same time of course), how in the world do you keep your head?

I read a blog post recently where the Mama was talking about how sometimes one bad thing will happen in our day and we immediately throw in the towel...we throw in the whole day, calling it a "bad day" just because of that one incident. I'm definitely guilty of this.  Something happens and I get frustrated and grumpy and I usually wind up being grumpy the rest of the day. How annoying is that? 

I should probably work on that because no matter how bad the incident or how grumpy it made me, my kids don't deserve a Mama that has a bad attitude the rest of the day. 


I jokingly posted on facebook last night, "I need a time out. Complete with chocolate and wine. Seems like a better idea than putting the kids in time out. Probably more fun too."

And then I realized that it's true. I totally need a time out.
With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. I can't speak from a parent's point of view, but from a strictly human side I think you have to allow yourself to feel this way sometimes. I don't think anyone will be a harsher critic than you'll be on yourself when it comes to raising your kids, and there's probably a lot of self-talk that goes along with bad days. I don't think it's always a bad thing for kids to see their mom in a grumpy mood once in a while. I think they need exposure to a range of emotions and to realize that no one, not even their parents, is perfect.


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