Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Undefeated Speedsters!!!

That's right! Anthony had his last of 8 soccer games this past Saturday and despite it being cold and rainy, they kicked booty and won.....for the 8th time....making them undefeated this season!


Here's Anthony's soccer photos....bad quality because I had to take a photo of the photos 'cause my scanner/printer is being dumb right now....sorry. I love them! What a cutie!!

I'm a little sad soccer is over. We were really enjoying the Saturday soccer games. However, the past couple games the weather was really cold, windy, and rainy....so I wont miss standing out in all that! Anthony already told me he was looking forward to soccer next fall, and Mols will be old enough to play next fall as well! How great that will be! 

We have his soccer banquet this Thursday to celebrate all the kids' soccer accomplishments. We'll eat lots of yummy snacks and Anth will be able to hang with all his soccer buds one more time.

I feel as if it's really important to give Anthony as many opportunities as possible to be around his friends. Living out where we do, it's hard to get in some friend time. The random play date is pretty much out of the question.....the only way the kids see any play time is if it's scheduled, like our Halloween party. We told Anthony that wrestling was coming up and he could participate if he wanted to. It's free, so that's great for us! He seems excited to try it. It's already started, but we wont be starting till next week. I wanted to wait till soccer was completely over. Hopefully the wrestling will be something he and Sam can do together. It'll be nice for them to have some "man time" as Anthony calls it. Everyone needs some man time.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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