Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Summer of Projects

It's about time I show ya'll all the projects we did over the past couple of months! We definitely were busy bees and I'm quite happy will everything we were able to accomplish! 

My most favorite project this summer would have to be our bedroom. Remember when I showed you the headboard we were working on? Click HERE to see that post. I said there were a few small things we wanted to do after the headboard to finish up the bedroom and we were finally able to do that. We took our room from dark and boring, to light and beachy. It's just a shame I forgot to take more "before" photos. 

Ok.....here's all our summer projects! Maybe you'll get some inspiration to do something in your home?

Project #1- Hauck family wooden board hand prints. We made one for ourselves, one for Grandpa as this was done during his visit, and others are in the works for other family members.

Hand prints 2012 (and our old one from 2009!)

Project #2-Hauck family pathway hand prints. We had a set of prints done in 2009, but needed to do a new one to include Timothy. :) We made our prints then I painted them with some left over light blue paint. Love it.

Project#3-Measuring the kiddos. One of the things I received from my grandpa's house after he passed away (Ok...my mom got it first and then gave it to me!) was the strip of wood that has all my family's (on my mother's side) height measurements on it. Cousins, siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. It's pretty cool. Sammy and I flipped it over and have been doing our little family's height on the other side since Anthony was 1. We do this every year round abouts their birthdays. They love seeing how much they've grown in that year.

Project #4-7-Bedroom completion! Our new bedroom headboard was officially completed with the placement of a quote (4). I ordered a stencil online, got out some white paint, and got to work. It reads, "When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew." - William Shakespeare. We also got new white curtains in and put those up. New bedding is on my list, but that won't be for awhile. I finished printing off photos for our photo collage. Sammy made two bedside tables out of pallet wood (5). Just a simple box on the wall. I love it! I'm wondering if I should paint them white, stain them to match the headboard or leave them as is? He also made new shelves out of pallet wood too (6). And lastly, I took some wood Sammy stained for me and stenciled on some quotes (7). The one in our bedroom reads, "I have found the one whom my soul loves." The one in Molly's room reads, "In a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you." And the one in Anthony's room reads, "You are loved. Always." They were fun little projects.

Project #8-More handmade burp cloths! By now I have made TONS of these. Lots for Timothy, a few for my cousin and his son born 3 weeks before Timothy, two sets for my friend Mary who is expecting twin girls next month, and two sets (the ones shown below) for my friend Molly due this month. I just attended her baby shower and it was super fun! I was told by two of the other women at the baby shower that I should sell my burp cloths? Good idea in theory...finding the time to take orders and make them would be difficult though. We shall see. For now, I'll just continue to make them for my preggo friends!

Project #9-Diaper cake! I also made this diaper cake for Molly. Just a bunch of left over size 1 diapers from Timothy, decorated with some socks, peepee teepees, a key-ring toy, and ribbon. Easy peasy. Also for Molly's baby shower.....a basket full of clothing that Timothy doesn't wear anymore, a "snack box" for Molly's daughter Jocelyn filled with lots of yummy snacks just for her for after her little brother comes. And lastly, a special gift for Jocelyn to be given to her after her little brother makes his arrival so she gets a little something special during all the new baby commotion. I made her that cute little bracelet snapped to the bag.  Now all we're waiting for is Molly's baby boy! ;)

Project #10-We got an old chair from one of our neighbors a while ago. It's antique and awesome. Over the summer we got some hens and chickens for real cheap and put them in a variety of jars we found in the shop. Place them on a round of wood in the middle of the chair and there ya go! Easy porch decoration.

Project #11-When we were at Sam's Godmother's place in August, we all painted a whole bunch of little bird houses they picked up at Joann's for $1 each. We had such a fun time painting! I got a little paint happy and applied my paint splatter technique on a handful. When we got home Sam nailed them all to a tree we have out front. Two weeks later we received a box in the mail with a whole bunch of those same birdhouses inside! haha! Guess we have more to paint on a rainy day!

Project#12 & 13-My oh my am I so thankful my husband is a handy man! My mother in law gave us a bunch of tea cups a while ago, but I had no where nice to display them. We had two old shelves in the kitchen, but they were close to falling down, so that wouldn't do. So I enlisted Sam to build me a shelving unit for the tea cups. He took cedar wood, stained it with the ebony stain we had left over from doing the whitewash on our bedroom headboard, then worked his magic with building it. He even stained and put on clothes pins to act as the kiddo's art holders underneath. Cool, huh?

Next, we needed a place to store all of our alcohol. It use to be in our pantry, but with Anthony in school full time now, there were lots of school snacks and drinks that took up that space. So once again I told Sam my idea and he got to work. All we have left to do with our booze shelving unit is add clothes pins to the bottom of it.

So, what do you think?

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. I think, We need to market our bad ass skills!! Love you Sammy.


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