Friday, October 5, 2012

The House Where Sickness Lived....and Sugar Plum's New Trick

Remember how all my children were sick like two weeks ago? Well they're all sick again.


It all started with Molly. She's been sick for exactly a week now. I didn't let her go to preschool Tuesday or yesterday and she missed dance class yesterday as well. Then is was Timothy. At first he was feeling yucky due to his immunizations last Friday, you know......sore, swollen thighs and fever. But as soon as that was done he got Molly's cold. So both kids were snotty nosed and coughing. And when babies are sick, their Mamas get NO sleep. *sigh* Finally, Anthony started feeling ill Wednesday. Not so much the snotty nose, but a cough. He woke up yesterday morning just hacking up a lung. I wasn't going to send him to school, but it was picture day. So I kinda had my hands tied because he was NOT missing picture day. I did my best to make him look presentable, then sent him on his merry way with a note for the teacher saying sorry for sending him in a bit sick, if after pictures he wants to come home, call me. I never received a phone call to go pick him up early though and by the time I got him at the bus stop he said he was feeling a lot better! However, this morning everyone seems pretty awful again. Why do they seem sicker in the morning compared to the rest of the day? I guess I can be glad that I'm not sick!

I'm really hoping all my kiddos can get these colds licked because we've got a birthday party to go to tomorrow at the local pizza joint! Not to mention Anthony's soccer game in the morning, and we're providing the after game snacks so we've definitely got to be there!

Anyway, like I said above, Timothy had his 4 month well baby check last Friday (even though he was 4 1/2 months then). All went well with that. No tears, no poop explosions (like at his 2 month check up!), and lots of big smiles. He got a clean bill of health and received his 4 month immunizations. His pediatrician always calls him "delicious." Haha! I'd have to agree. Though after his immunizations, he was not acting so delicious.

Timothy's 4 month stats are:
Weight: 14 pounds 3 ounces
Height: 24 1/2 inches
Delicious. ;)

Other exciting Timothy news includes a new trick! Rolling over!! Both ways! :) I knew he'd been working on it for a week or so recently, but couldn't quite make it over. He'd get stuck on his arm and get so mad, haha! Tuesday I left the living room for a minute and when I came back, there he was on his belly! Little booger made me miss his first rollover! After turning him back onto his back, I left the living room again and shortly thereafter Molly comes running into the bathroom yelling, "The baby rolleded (haha) over!" AHHH!! Why do I keep missing it!?? I ran back out, flipped him onto his back, then sat there with my camera, hoping to catch him on video. Nope. I got a lot of videos of him trying to roll over, but none of him actually rolling. Then my camera battery died. And then he rolled over. *smacks forehead*

He eventually let me witness his new trick and boy, was he PROUD of himself!! The little smirk on his face after he rolled over was priceless! 

After those first rolls, there was no stopping him! He just rolled and rolled and rolled. Not only was he rolling from his back to his belly, but within hours we was rolling from his belly to his back! This is especially nice, as now he can roll his way clear across the whole living room floor! You know what this means, right? No more leaving him unattended on the bed! Silly boy. Look what can change in just one afternoon! Hello mobility! Anthony and Molly are just having a ball with him.

Timothy also had his first encounter with solids this week. Wednesday I let him have a taste of whole wheat cereal mixed with some breast milk. I wouldn't say he was a fan, but are they ever at their very first solid food experience? Not much got in his mouth, but that's ok. We're learning. 

His second solid feeding was MUCH better. Yesterday I made up a little bit of cereal for him and he did great! He ate it all and was actually grabbing for the spoon and pulling it towards his mouth. Way to go, little Sugar Plum! 

Hmmm, I think that's all the recent news. I'm so glad it's Friday! Ok, I'm off to do more Halloween crafts with my sickly kiddos!

With love,
Mama Hauck

P.S. Is Goldendale the only area that still has school on Columbus Day? Suck. I was looking forward to Anthony not having school....but sadly, he does!

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  1. I hope all the kiddos are better soon! Tis the season! :(

    The baby is getting so big! Adorable


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